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Founding a consumer electronics services and technics repair company is a very complicated task, that requires great experience and qualified staff, due to the high competition level in this field of small and medium business activity. Synergistically organized enterprise, effectively optimized in every aspect of business workflow management, can become the transnational level and become a leader in its field. Taking into account the actual fact, that modern society is gradually cyberizing, the qualitative services of professional electricians remain highly demanded both among residents of megacities and among private clients, including regular business maintaining.

At the stage of the enterprise formation, it is highly required to draw up all the necessary documents and register the brand in a proper way to solve numerous administrative and legal problems. Where to register a company providing services in the field of electronics repair and household networks and how to speed up this process as much as possible?

The Main Stages of Organizing an Electrical Business

Before opening an electrical company, the construction market in your area should be professionally analyzed and investigated in the smallest details and competition/promotion perspectives. Such companies’ services are directly related to construction, so they have great potential to find regular clients, including business holders and tenants. For example, office building owners often demand qualitative services to guarantee stable electronics and network uptime.

If you expect to work only on small objects, for example, to replace sockets in apartments, then you cannot expect large incomes. If you have clients among big tenants, that own shopping centers, houses, and office buildings, then your company will always have a large amount of work. For this reason, the business idea is not suitable for integration in small towns with poor business development and low incomes. It is particularly important to structure related market analysis information and use it for a maximum effect — competent starting management greatly expands possibilities to occupy your niche at the very start of company founding.

An obligatory step towards the implementation of business plans is the official registration of a private enterprise. This will optimize and fully legalize all relevant regulatory relations with official regulatory authorities in the country and provides rights to participate in major tenders. Especially, in a household electricity segment, this is particularly important. At a certain stage in the development of the company, the main part of the income will be made up of B2B clients and big companies who have signed a contract for the regular use of your services.

To register a company, the following documents are required:

  • Company charter and a comprehensive business plan;
  • Charter starting capital, which depends on the place of registration and the current level of tax fees;
  • An official application for registration of a legal entity;
  • All relevant documents regarding the place of registration of the company and rental of premises;
  • An approved model of company management, including the distribution of leadership positions;
  • Reporting receipt on payment of state duty.

The application for the LLC founding indicates the main and two additional activities. We recommend that you don’t leave these fields empty. At the first registration, additional activities are registered free of charge, in the future, payment will be required to assign a new activity type code to LLC.

The Internet provides ample opportunities to officially register an online business. To do this, you need to prepare all the necessary documents and following uploading related PDF copies to the site during the application for registration. The whole process takes no more than five minutes, and right after that, you will receive a notification that you are added to the database of companies registered in this region.

Entry-level Enterprise Management

Submission of documents for company registration provides you with legal opportunities to start active work in all aspects and in terms of legal operating. In the first stages of customer search and establishing effective management solutions, it is required to create a productive communication system between employees. Various software is perfectly adapted to automate workflow management — for example, software for electrical contractor by ManageMart  allows you to create a unique accounting system for all aspects of enterprise administration on the modern, digital and sharply precise level.

The integration of specialized software guarantees the fastest and most effective start for your enterprise. Some plugins for such frameworks allow you to effectively manage work with large business clients and tenders, participate in and monitor the updating of the list of urgent tender projects. In the field of household electronics services and maintaining private electric networks, this is particularly important due to the regular flow of large orders from state-owned enterprises or companies operating at the transnational level and requiring a specific project realization in one of the filial building.

The combination of a well-thought-out algorithm for submitting documents for company registration along with the subsequent implementation of both large-scale, tender level projects and the harmonious promotion of company services among private clients can be decisive stages in the subsequent development and expansion of the company. The legalization of activity allows not only to immediately begin integrating the most innovative solutions but also provides free access to tenders — each such large project can become an important step on the path to the effective and rapid development of the company.

Participating in tender projects, the company should provide appropriate services — in particular, have all the necessary equipment and a sufficient number of qualified specialists to service large buildings or facilities under construction. When participating in large tenders, special attention should be paid to the following aspects:

  • Organization of logistics at the appropriate level. Serving a multitude of customers living in different parts of the city requires a well-coordinated system of schedules for each working crew. To do this, it is best to use modern software that allows you to plan routes and schedules of employees as efficiently as possible. Your employees can freely operate at the tender working site for the first half of the day and maintain related services to multiple private clients;
  • Availability of all necessary equipment or the possibility of urgent rental of professional construction equipment and other equipment that allows servicing large office buildings or shopping and entertainment centers;
  • Highly skilled experienced workers who are able to provide any kind of services for maintenance of electric networks and repair of industrial and domestic equipment;
  • Official registration of the company — to participate in the most profitable tenders, the legalization of the company’s activity at the level corresponding to all business standards is required.