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GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking App

The function of GPS tracking is certainly not the newest one, but for some reason, numerous companies ignore this helpful feature that can greatly assist in the business management and dispatching programs in particular. Most of the software which is utilized for company management lack this extremely beneficial function. Our proprietary service offers this function fully integrated into our program solutions for your greatest convenience.

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Why GPS Tracking Feature Is Necessary for Business

To gain a clearer understanding of how it might assist you with the business management read the following services that the feature will provide you with during utilization.

  • You will be capable of monitoring the satellite maps for tracking the location of employees and their proximity to customers.
  • Gain a real-time movement map for careful planning of your workers’ order routes.
  • The GPS function allows to check the images of the area and acquire some extra information on the location of operation.
  • You will always find the route to the client’s address.
  • Through the integrated functions you can always inform the customer that the dispatch team is arriving.

What Will You Need to Use the Feature

You won’t need any specially adjusted equipment, and that makes an installation a walk in the garden. The workers simply need to have any kind of gadget with a GPS function. It can be not only a GPS tracker but even a smartphone with a required function.

Another thing that is needed for operations is an internet connection as it will be responsible for sending the data to Managemart servers. 3G to 4G would be enough for performing the operations. It can also work with 2G mobile networks, and that would be extra useful with the areas which lack the internet connection.

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The Configuration of the Device for Managemart GPS System

The configuration which is required for the installation will not take plenty of time. The below guide will show you how easy it is.

  • It is necessary to sign the item with an IP and port data of the Managemart server. The numbers are located on our website. Read the GPS devices installation guide to detect where to enter the data.
  • Switch to GPS gadget’s APN mode. With smartphones, you will need to switch the APN and confirm its usage by the SIM card.
  • The GPS time zone should be +0 as it may conflict with the system and show wrong information.
  • When everything has been done, the device is ready for work.

Getting to the Page with a GPS Feature

The navigation bar introduces an icon with “GPS tracking” for easy access to the feature. After you get to the proper page, you will see a button in the right corner – “New Device”. After performing the actions, you will have to fill in a certain field with information for comfortable viewing.

  • Add the IMEI code of your GPS device.
  • Assign the device to the team of workers or to a particular worker. Please note that this operation can be performed with a worker, who has already been added to the system.
  • Specify the color of the route that will be shown on the map.
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Location Tracking Software

Once the software is ready for tracking. Push “Go Tracking” button near “New Device” button. You will instantly see the map with the location of the assigned device. You can acquire the reports during the operation for gaining extra portions of information.

  • Visited object;
  • Name of the report;
  • Date of the report;
  • Coordinates of the location;
  • The movement of the employees and the time spent on the operation.
  • Customers’ addresses.

All the information can be exported into the most popular types of files like PDF, HTML, and XLS.

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