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All features and functions are the same in all plans, only difference is number of users/employees you can manage.

Features User based Unlimited Users
Users / Employees Depends on users count Unlimites
GPS Tracking Depends on users count Unlimites

Customer Relationship Management

Creating / removing / editing (further managing) customers
Creating / removing / editing (further managing) customers
Viewing customer statistics: the quantity and sum of invoices issued, and money received from customers
Analysis of customer activity - tasks and events related to customers
Uploading and editing a customer's photo
CAM (Сustomer Аsset Мanagement) - houses, cabins, villas, cars, land lots, and other assets that are owned by the customer; those assets can be receiving the service of our users (business owners).
Uploading images of assets
Sending SMS to the client and receiving SMS in response (available if connected to the SMS service)
Sending and receiving messages (internal message system)
Importing a client list (from a CSV file)
Displaying all clients and assets on the map

Staff / Team Management

Employee management (creating / removing / editing contact information)
Uploading a photo of the worker
ACL- managing access rights allowed for the registered employees.
Managing the level of access granted to employees (which modules and with what level of access are approved for the employees)
Timecards for tracking the working time of an employee.
Automatic employee payment calculation (if "timecards" are being used)
An option to view employee's activity (Log in the system)
Team / crew management
Assigning tasks or events to specific employees
Assigning tasks or events to crews / teams

Invoices & Estimates

Account management (invoices & estimates) creating / removing / editing/ sending
Sending invoices & estimates via email, SMS or snailmail
Customer billing online (provided that at least one of the payment systems is in use: Stripe, PayPal, or Square)
Copying invoices & estimates
Archiving / decompressing invoices & estimates
Access to data on issued / paid / overdue invoices
Exporting invoices & estimates to PDF
Uploading and placing company's logo on the invoice & estimates
The option to upload various files (images and not only) as additional attachments to invoices & estimates
Ability to view the complete invoice & estimates history
The option to automatically charge a fine (both an interest and a fixed amount) on overdue invoices
Customers accepting / rejecting estimates online
Ability to transfer estimates to invoices


Cost management (creating / deleting / editing)
Viewing full data report on estimates
The option to automatically synchronize expenses from the bank (Plaid) - only for US users
Creating recurrent expenses (costs records are automatically saved in the database)
Management of categorical expenses (2 level) (creating / deleting / editing)

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LEVEL BILLING (Recurring billing)

The system for creating and monitoring recurrent invoices (the system automatically creates and sends the invoices to customers). Each account has the same amount and the same list of services and products.

Automatic & Recurring invoice payment for your business, from your Clients (coming soon)

Similar to level billing, but there is a specific fixed amount in the contracts that is divided into invoices (in equal parts). Those invoices will be created and sent by the system until the total billed number of invoices to an individual client reaches the total prescribed amount in the contract. After that the contract is marked as successfully executed.


Summary statistical information on all payments (debit and credit) that were entered into the system manually and / or went through the system (online invoice payment / synchronization with the bank).


Managing services and products
Managing categories of services and products
Viewing data reports on services or products provided

Equipment management

Managing information about spare parts for equipment
Maintenance planning and management
Uploading a photo of equipment
Exporting the list of equipment into PDF
Viewing the equipment amortization report
Viewing the TCO Report
Option to appoint a person in charge (assign to an employee) for equipment
Managing customer fields
Managing customer field templates (customer fields are an additional variety of information that a user can contribute to any information about object, for example, the size and color of the client's dog or the age of the clients' children or the amount of gasoline consumed by the lawnmower, etc.)


Managing events / tasks
DRAG & DROP events on the calendar page
Multiple views for more visual event management
Ability to create periodic / recurring events
Ability to create invoices for customers to pay directly from the event / task
Ability to change the status of a task / event
Statement function - the ability to open and end invoices in closed tasks / events for a specific period (week / month 2 days, etc.)
Assigning task executors to a single employee or a team
Ability to copy tasks / events
Grouping events / tasks by teams, employees
Various filters and sorting options
Managing the dispatch of events / tasks (dispatching is an event template for faster creation and assignment)
Coloring option for events / tasks


Creating an optimized (or not) route on the map, depending on the tasks / events
Ability to group and display routes by teams (employees)
Identification of completed (executed) and open events on the map (route)
Viewing routes by selected date


Managing documentation
Sending documents via email or snailmail
Managing tamplates for documents
Creating documents from templates
Option of sharing documents between employees


Managing reminders
Ability to automatically set a reminder for paying bills
Setting sending time before / after overdue documents


Income / Expense statement (any period)
Tax report (any period)
Expenses (any period)
Earnings from clients
Customer report
Status (time of life) of accounts
Report on the services and products provided
Report on tasks / events
Employee report


Internal messaging system (similar to email)


Users can create website/portfolio.
Various template options. The ability to edit content on pages


The ability for users to locate widget (using the hosted script) to log their users from their sites.
Support Ticket only

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