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The demand for house cleaning is now growing rapidly. An unhealthy surrounding environment around the house can develop serious health issues. The dust allergies can cause severe health problems. Besides, a dirty house can affect the image of the people living in it. Maintaining a house can be a time consuming and tedious task. That’s why people prefer to hire a professional who can carry out those tasks for them.

How it helps your workers to provide effective services to the customers?

When you invest in this system it automatically builds schedules, takes appointments and adjusts your field service agent's time. So that the field worker can complete the task on time for your valuable customer.

  1. When your workers or technicians are on the field, their task for the day is sent to him on his device. After sending them the task, the first thing that they will need is the address of the customer. The system also sends this information on the device directly from your company’s database.
  2. The workers will get a detailed list of the cleaning job description at hand. Following this, they can get their tools ready for the job.
  3. This system works for absolutely any field from medical to technical to any other service task.
  4. With the address, the GPS routing is also provided to the workers.
  5. When your technician reaches the particular job, he may realize that the task is little difficult and complex than expected.
  6. With his device and through the Managemart software, the worker can easily communicate the safe to his office.
  7. After that, the new estimated time will be taken into consideration and the software will update the new time schedule and gives him the time necessary.

Advantages of Managemart software over traditional applications

For most cleaning professionals and businesses, Managemart field management system is the better choice for their appointment needs, as it offers fast and effective functionality which are not there in most traditional applications. Here are some benefits that the system can offer you:

  • Easy accessibility Since it works as an online appointment-scheduling system, it allows the users to access their schedule using the internet connection, and they can cancel or reschedule the service appointment as per their requirement. This is quite beneficial for professionals like you who routinely schedule, change and cancel service appointments. The Managemart filed management system also allows for easy customer self-scheduling, automated e-mail and text message reminders, and for doing online payment.
  • Cost-effective Managemart filed management system is affordable and fit into most cleaning service’s operating budget. You can even go for month-to-month payment options with no long-term contracts. But the traditional software can be very costly and may require additional hardware or programming.


Sheduling & Invoicing

If you are running a house cleaning business, you should offer the required services to your customer. It’s your responsibility to save their time and effort involved in an extensive household maintenance job.

Through your services, you can keep your customers to keep the house clean on a regular basis or prepare their home for an important occasion.

However, it has seen that every homeowner who is looking to keep his or her home pristine and well maintained do not employ professional house cleaning services. It is the professional house maintenance company which will ensure that the customer’s house is clean and appealing at all times.

Employee Management

Dirt, dust, and grime accumulate easily and require immediate sweeping and dusting. But people don’t have much time to do such hectic and time-consuming task. In such cases, you can offer the services that they want at the right time.

That’s why you need the help of Managemart field management system.

Employee Management

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