Cleaning Business Software: Management, Invoicing, Scheduling & Dispatching

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Intelligent Cleaning Business Software: Management, Invoicing, Scheduling & Dispatchin

If you wish your cleaning business to run smoothly, you should use effective tools. ManageMart cleaning service software has a range of advantages over the exciting traditional applications or even specialized software products. It is packed with a range of advanced features allowing you to control and manage your business operations instantly wherever you are. This is what you need to increase your business profitability in a hassle-free way.

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Why we have one of the best cleaning business apps

There is a range of tools that you can find to manage your cleaning business, including those available for free and paid cleaning business apps. Using them will simplify your work somewhat, but will not allow you to benefit from using the complex, single solution like ManageMart commercial cleaning business software. We keep our hand on the pulse in order to be familiar with the best findings and solutions available on the market to develop unique, efficient solutions. Our software is designed in the way so you do not need to use anything else to manage your business operation. Basically, it is a comprehensive, affordable solution, and below you will the information about its functions.

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Quick and hassle-free scheduling with our commercial cleaning business software.

  1. It is crucial to creating effective schedules that can be adjusted instantly. There are lots of things to do when running a cleaning business, including making appointments, adding tasks, etc. and it is very important to have instant access to information and provide your team with updates immediately. Effective scheduling is a key to time-saving, which allows you to manage the day to day operations efficiently and ensure that all important tasks are conducted without delays. This is what you can get if you use ManageMart cleaning company scheduling software:

    • The task, as well as client’s address, is sent to your workers/technicians regardless of their location so that they know their work for the day and could get prepared on time;

    • Your workers need to know every single detail related to the order because this is essential to provide a high level of customer satisfaction. That is why they will get instant access to a detailed list of the cleaning job description, which allows them to prepare the necessary equipment and items;

    • The GPS routing allows find the shortest way to save fuel and time;

    • If the worker thinks that the job will take more time or there are new details arise that require schedule adjustment, he/she can easily do it using the app and report the changes to the head office without any problems;

    • Once changes are applied in cleaning business scheduling software, all of the figures depending on that will change automatically as well.

    The functionality of the cleaning scheduling software includes:

    • Manage tasks (create/update/delete);

    • Different types of tasks (meeting, phone call, general task, equipment maintenance);

    • Different views of the calendar (daily, monthly, weekly);

    • Recurring tasks feature allows you to save time and effort avoiding doing repeating tasks;

    • Drag & Drop. Move tasks easily by dragging and dropping them through calendar;

    • Statement. Complete and invoice ALL tasks for a certain period of time with two clicks;

    • One-click task status change from active task to not serviced.

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Quick and accurate invoicing using the best commercial cleaning software

Quick, hassle-free, and accurate invoicing is important to ensure the smooth payments flow.  ManageMart professional cleaning software allows you to use the following:

  • Invoice Management (create/edit/delete/update invoices);

  • Add Company Logo;

  • Attach files to invoices (images, pdf, etc.);

  • Add comments;

  • Send invoices (email, SnailMail, SMS);

  • Accept online payments (credit/debit cards or Paypal);

  • Charge customer automatically;

  • Recurring invoices;

  • Invoice history;

  • Invoice archive;

  • Set of Past Due penalties (% basis or fixed amount);

  • Copy existing invoices to create new ones quicker;

  • PDF Export.



Effective bids created using advanced bidding software for cleaning service

Our professional commercial cleaning bidding software will allow you to create effective bids quickly. You know how it is important to estimate the price and other details accurately, and it is important to choose the right type of bidding for each customer, such as bidding per an hour or by a job. You should be flexible if you wish to get the job and be able to adjust data as per your wish. Thanks to using our bidding software for cleaning service you will be able to enter data, make changes, deliver the information to your staff in a quick and convenient way. Moreover, it can be done on the go, which contributes to the effectiveness of your management and time-saving.

Use cleaning bid software to do the following:

  • Set the price;

  • Estimate time spending;

  • Schedule the task;

  • Enter all the needed details of your customer;

  • Use the application for communication;

  • Make quick changes.

Efficient Employee Management with the great residential cleaning software

The effective work of your employees is crucial for your business success, and thanks to ManageMart best cleaning business software, you can ensure it. The functionality includes:

  • Employees control center. You can see everything that users have done while being logged to the system;

  • Access control list, which allows you to set the level of access for each employee;

  • Employee profiles allow you to get quick access to detailed information about your staff;

  • Crews management. You can create a group of employees who have common characteristics, such as functions, location, etc.;

  • Track employees working time is a brilliant feature for effective time management and control.

Employee Management

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Know your customers thanks to the office cleaning software

Effective CRM is crucial to ensure the high level of customer satisfaction, and ManageMart cleaning management software will allow you to get access to essential information instantly. The functionality of our product allows you to do the following:

  • Manage customers (create/edit/delete/update customer profiles);

  • Import Contacts (CSV, Google, or MS contacts);

  • View detailed information;

  • Access to customer’s financial information;

  • Assign tasks to customers and assets;

  • Set multiple assets (real estate, property, vehicle, boats, land, etc.);

  • Instant messaging thanks to SMS module;

  • Upload images of customers and assets;

  • Find customers and assets on the map;

  • Export to PDF;

  • Active/Inactive clients;

  • Generate relevant reports;

  • Quick books sync customers;

  • View and analyze customer’s activity (phone calls, meeting, visits, orders, etc.)

Easy equipment/inventory maintenance using advanced commercial cleaning software

It is very important to ensure that your cleaning business has the necessary equipment and items in a proper condition, and ManageMart cleaning company software allows you to keep the control over the situation, thanks to a range of advanced features.

Equipment functionality includes:

  • Equipment Management (create/update/delete);

  • Parts management;

  • Maintenance (planning, scheduling, recording maintenance cost);

  • Uploading images of equipment;

  • Reports of equipment life cost;

  • Assigning people responsible for equipment;

  • Export data to PDF.

Inventory/Items & Services functionality includes:

  • Manage items & services (create/edit/delete);

  • Upload images of inventory;

  • Use different measurements for items/services;

  • Set different categories;

  • Generate reports (usage, trade, and more);

  • Export data to PDF.

Easy equipment

Innovative GPS

Innovative GPS tracking system with one of the best cleaning business apps

ManageMart GPS tracking solution, which is built-in into our cleaning business software program, is designed for effective tracking. It allows seeing location of objects live or using a web browser, check historical tracks, as well as get important notifications. It is very easy to use, thanks to the intuitive user interface. The solution can be used on different mobile devices.

It allows you to do the following:

  • Manage reports, notifications, history, and more;

  • Check assets and employees on the map. View the real location of your employees, clients, or assets;

  • Take advantage of custom billing, remote control, as well as mobile device tracking;

  • Generate different reports about trip details, fuel consumption, driving activity, and activity in a certain zone. Reports can be easily exported/sent by email in HTML/XLS format;

  • Optimize route. Maps and routing are very important, and automatic routing will help you find the shortest route to travel for the day. You can easily adjust your schedule on the go.

All in all, our cleaning business software is a great tool for professionals and businesses. It is the best affordable solution that you can find today on the market, thanks to the comprehensive package of advanced features, innovative technologies, and adaption for different devices.

You can take advantage of easy access to every single aspect of your cleaning business instantly, which will result in quicker and more efficient businesses operation. It is an excellent solution to increase the profitability of your businesses due to reducing some costs and time expenditure as well as smooth and effective management. We have flexible pricing conditions, and you will be able to choose the best option that matches your budget and business needs.

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