Get Advantages with Irrigation Service Business Software

First of all, with its use, you will have all the necessary functions for a successful business. ManageMart software effectively reduces the time spent on carrying out the marketing program, making you free from piles of papers on the desktop. Creation of work and performance schedules, calculation of the necessary labor hours – all this can be automated and greatly simplified. Provision of the irrigation services with ManageMart won't require complex accountancy since the program can carry all these functions. Although there is a range of other software products for irrigation services available today, our irrigation business software is one of the best among those that you can find on the market, which allows you to have an advantage over your competitors.



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Irrigation Planning Software for Business Management

When doing business, it is very important not to miss any detail, to make everything in time, without losing a single extra minute. The irrigation planning software developed by our specialists allows you:

  • To take into account all the nuances and plan all the events conveniently. 
  • The user can distribute all his events by importance, mark them in different colors for clarity
  • Сhange any plan, if necessary. 
  • Assign or reassign tasks and orders to employees and crew members.
  • Let users create events by clicking in the calendar and allow drag-and-drop calendar editing.
  • Mark tasks and events with different statuses directly in the calendar.
  • Control of all processes at the same time is the key to efficient irrigation activities of the company with no interruptions.
Competent planning is the key to success, and ManageMart creates all the opportunities for this. With this program, you will have time for everything.

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Account Management and Irrigation Billing Software

Paper bills have long been the only way to account for financial flows, but thanks to ManageMart the things have changed, as this software offers quick and easy account management. Now you don't need to waste time on papers – just quickly enter all the necessary data and all is done!

  • Connect your QuickBooks account to ManageMart and keep all your accounting records up-to-date. 
  • The soft synchronize in both way: Invoices, Customers, Expenses and Estimates.
  • With ManageMart you can sync your expenses with more than 1400 banks.
  • This saves a lot of your time which can be used for more important matters. 
  • You can create categorise of your expenses.
  • You can now quickly calculate the payments of each employee
  • With ManageMart It is so easy to filter and search any financial transactions.
With help of account management, you will be able to get acquainted with the financial flows of the company in detail, avoiding paperwork. Nothing can be more pleasing than getting quick revenues, and this is only possible with advanced technical tools like ManageMart software.

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Irrigation Mapping App and GPS Feature

If your irrigation company has a staff, it often a question arises – at which facility each of your workers is located. Information on the distribution of labor resources is necessary for the processing of new orders and the rational distribution of workers and equipment. 

  • You can view real location of your customers, employees or customer's assets. 
  • The irrigation mapping app makes it possible to use human resources wisely and significantly reduce transportation costs by applying the optimal route.
  • ManageMart offers an intuitive user interface and mobile friendly GPS tracking system.
  • Get detailed reports about trips, fuel monitoring, driving activity, activity in particular zone or route.
  • With the help of our advanced GPS tracking device, you can easily reach to customer's place without any obstacles.

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Irrigation Service Software Inventory Count and Logistics

The efficiently of the irrigation business can be significantly increased with the help of competent planning and inventory management. 

  • ManageMart allows you to quickly and accurately calculate the number of needed consumables and monitor the replenishment of their stocks. 
  • With such a system, even an increased customer flow will not lead to an idle period. 
  • The irrigation software programs will remind about the need to make purchases or carry out an inspection of irrigation equipment.

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Irrigation Employees Management Software

Any business owner wants to keep abreast of all events occurring during the working day, as well as be able to make adjustments at any time. With irrigation software this becomes possible:

  • Communication with employees at any time, convenient accounts operation.
  • Processing customer requests and other important moments – all this is available in one click.
  • Optimization of all processes and timely control over them is what will lead your company to success.
  • We have developed an irrigation planning software, which can control your entire setup with few clicks.

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Irrigation Business Management Software with CRM Feature

CRM services are very important for successful business since profit depends directly on the skillful management and expansion of the client base. ManageMart is so popular, because of such opportunities, that can make the work process in your business easier:

  • Customer accounting, data about them, and timely email reminding will make orders more frequent. 
  • With ManageMart you can keep and track unlimited number of customer's assets.  
  • Individual approach to each client that significantly improve the reputation of the company. 
  • All payments, invoices, events, notes, images, maps, any personal info you want, and more about the client is stored in a cloud-database.
  • The irrigation app for iOS and Android allows you to maintain a client base from smartphone and access to the Internet.
  • CRM software reduces turnaround time and optimizes customer service.
  • You can import information about your clients from: CSV file, Microsoft Outlook or Google Contacts.

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ManageMart can be accessed on anything that connects to the internet, and it works perfectly every time!

  • NO Setup fee
  • NO Download
  • Update Instantly
  • Unlimited Support

ManageMart can be accessed on anything that connects to the internet, and it works perfectly every time!

  • NO Setup fee
  • NO Download
  • Update Instantly
  • Unlimited Support