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Job Scheduling Software For Small Business

The Best Scheduling Software for Small Business with Multifunctional benefits by ManageMart

Scheduling Business App

ManageMart offers the most extensive scheduling software on the market, one that makes you look professional and saves you a lot of time and effort. 

  • Say goodbye to time wasted and frustrated customers, and say hello to effortless online scheduling.
  • In a service business, there are a lot of moving parts —reminders, notifications of reschedules, updates to staff job scheduler software.
  • ManageMart takes this into account and each has a system for managing your data efficiently.

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Recurring Tasks Option in Job Scheduler Software

Recurring tasks are part of setting your business on autopilot. When you’ve got tasks triggering off of due dates, you’re taking a step away from relying on memory, post-it notes, and the perfect circumstances. With ManageMart you can create and manage any type of recurring tasks:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Yearly

You can setup end date or count of recurrence or even make the set of tasks neverending.

Cloud Based Scheduling Software Customizable Tasks and Events

Get a brief overview of all options for customizing how service professionals manage their meetings and scheduling. Options are:

  • Allow multiday events;
  • Allow recurring events or event series;
  • Allow drag-and-drop calendar editing;
  • Let users create events by clicking in the calendar;
  • Show event details in multiuser calendar view;
  • Allow assign tasks to crew or employee;
  • Allow assign task to a customer;
  • Allow define default service or item for the task;
  • Allow assign task to contract.
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Task & Events in Best Scheduling App for Small Business

You can do a buch of action on tasks with just one click:

  • Edit task
  • Complete Task
  • Complete and Invoice Task
  • Mark it as Not Serviced
  • Copy one Task to Another
  • Start or Stop Working Timer

Easy Task Management

Set a series of events to reoccur without needing to choose a stop date. Move an event, and allow the system to move all future events to match.

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Colorful Your Events and Tasks

Set different colors for tasks or a series of tasks. This will help you quickly navigate through the events on the calendar and make the right decisions faster and more efficiently.

Schedule Statement in Scheduling for Small Business

We have created the easiest and fastest way to bill your customers. The function Statement allows you to close all tasks in a couple of clicks and bill them  to your customers. You can set ant kind of date range to invoice tasks to your clients.

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Quick Dispatch in Small Business Scheduling App

With Dispatching, quickly add jobs to your calendar for the day. This is a perfect solution for Snow Plow Companies! With just a few clicks, you can put any list of customers you need to service on your calendar.

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