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Reports Feature by ManageMart

Analyze your business and follow the statistics with the accurate reports in field service business

Gain the Upper Hand Thanks to Report Field Service Software

The organization of the reports can become a crucial factor that will contribute to the prosperity of the business. A decent level of analytics allows obtaining a comprehensive guide to various aspects of company management. After creating an account with Managemart field management software, you will gain not only a powerful tool for business management but also an information source that will provide you with numerous daily reports.

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Available Types of Reports

The program solution deals with numerous types of reports to provide you with short and detailed blocks of information that can be distributed and downloaded in PDF file. The program introduces the following report types:

  • Profit & loss report – for careful budget planning and monitoring of the company status.
  • Tax report – to prevent any potential issues while filling in the tax documentation.
  • Pending and completed tasks report – to see the current workload within the company.
  • Reports of employees – to show the level of work engagement for equal distribution of responsibilities.

All the reports can be easily mailed and exported to the PDF format thus granting you an opportunity to have an excellent source of information about your company.

Working with the Reports Feature

The accesses to the feature is performed through simple clicking at the “Reports” button on the navigation toolbar. You will work with the following sub menu options:

  • Profit and loss
  • Taxes
  • Expenses 

The customized field service solution allows selecting the time frame of reporting. By default, the report is generated on a monthly basis. After setting the required time extent manually, you will acquire the report and can export it in PDF format for greater convenience.

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The Work with Profit and Loss Report

The report deals with the most significant elements of your company’s status:

  • The sum of the billed invoices;
  • General income;
  • General expenses;

The diagram follows a monthly pattern horizontally and the amount of money vertically. It is possible to select what parameters should be visible on the chart by clicking the corresponding icons.

The Work with Tax Reports

The tax reports introduce another filter parameter aside the time span.

  • Billed – tax report on process payments.
  • Collected – report on completed tax payments.

The diagram generates information based on each separate tax percent according to the following fields.

  • Total Amount – the overall sum of paid invoices;
  • Taxable Amount - the overall sum of paid invoices excluding the discounts;
  • Discount;
  • Tax Amount – the percentage and amount of the taxes.

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The Work with Expense Reports

The expenses report includes the following filtration parameters:

  • All categories – all expenses are depicted on the screen;
  • Equipment maintenance – the report includes all the costs on maintenance including the purchase of new parts;
  • Miscellaneous – expenses which were not classified or were not planned;
  • Expense summary – expenses including the taxation.

How Report Feature Upgrades the System Management

  •  It allows you to perform a more in-depth historical analysis of the company’s financial status.
  • Keep a close track of all the items and equipment.
  • Optimize the workflow through the acquired information.
  • Avoid accounting issues due to the lack of information.

With Managemart report solution you can be sure that all the numbers will be available through several clicks of the mouse and the information will always be up to date. 

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