Easy and effective employees management software

The ability to have unlimited users with their own login is a major feature of ManageMart.

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Employees Control Center

The ability to have unlimited users with their own login is a major feature of ManageMart. You can set access levels to each specific login. All activity is logged and you can view anything your users have done while logged in. You can even set it up for your tax account to have the ability to log in, and view only financial data, and all from their own office.

Employee profiles are designed to save all of the information regarding your staff. Want to track equipment assignments? Track that here! A full detailed history of any expense regarding your staff is also stored in their profile.

Access Control List

ManageMart also allows a robust account access system that allows you to set access levels for your staff. You are able to create accounts for your employees or even a service reps with the freedom to set limits for what they can view. There are a variety of control settings that allow you to run your business with precision.

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Crews Management

A group is a set of employees who share certain characteristics such as geographical location, job function, or who work on the same job or for the same customer.

Crew Management is designed for organizations who need to manage field crews—groups of employees who work together as a team at a variety of locations.

Track Employees Working Time

Your time matters! Track your jobs with ease, right on the calendar. You can start and stop a job as many times as you need for a detailed list of your working hours. Start a job from your phone, and stop it later, no need to leave your phone or PC running, we keep track of it for you. Have several time clocks running simultaneously for convenience.

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