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The utilization of various equipment managing programs has become a must in the world of rivalry. After signing in into your personal profile within Managemart field service program, you will acquire access to special tracking software that will not only monitor the quantity of the items but will also set regular reminders for timely update of the supplies. It will become your superb advantage of the companies which use standard methods of inventory management. The operations within the equipment maintenance tracking tool are conducted flawlessly and quickly.

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Adding New Equipment into Your Equipment Scheduling Software

The process of updating the system with new pieces of equipment usually follows according such pattern:

  • Choose “Equipment” after clicking on the “Resources” button.
  • Push the button “New” and start filling the fields with all the required information. You can specify not only the names of the items but the prices and the dates of acquisition together with the shop where the supplies were purchased.
  • After the generation of the item was completed, the user can assign the worker who will either monitor the supplies or who will keep track the items’ utilization.
  • After the final saving of the updates, it will become visible in the list of pieces of equipment.
  • Each of the added details can be modified after you click on it for greater comfort of information update.

Working with the Pictures

The equipment rental scheduling program allows illustrating all the items with their individual pictures. The upload will not take more than three steps before it is finished:

  • In the list of supplies, you select the icon with an image of the eye.
  •  By clicking it, you will be transferred to the general profile with the item where you can press the blank image icon and upload the picture.
  • Finally, you save all the performed changes.

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Setting the Maintenance Requirements with Equipment feature

Maintenance adjustment is one of the most useful features of the supply management program. It makes it extra easy to operate all the aspects of the business without wasting time and energy on the activities which can be performed by the machine.

  • In the window with the list of supplies, you click on top of it on the “New” icon.
  • After you specify all the data of the item, you can press “Assign to” button. This would be a person who will deal with item.
  • In the maintenance field, you can set a date for regular checking procedures.

Office Equipment Tracking Software Will Upgrade the Operations Department

The organization of decent company management would seem impossible without an excellent supply control feature. With ManageMart equipment tracking option, you can get such benefits for your field service business. 

· You create a centralized database of all the company’s items, and it becomes a lot easier to track and control the entire process of item exploitation. 

· You will become extra effective in terms of delivery of the supplies in case you have a network of companies which require timely replenishment of goods. It greatly enhances the corporate spirit and increases the level of cooperation between the members of the departments.

· It raises the level of sales as the supplies are always well stocked and you will be ready to provide the customer with any type of service that your organization has.

· Field service equipment app monitors every single unit regardless of the location. You will receive regular reports on the status of your inventory.

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You gain a superb opportunity to boost the prediction skills of your organization while ordering the supplies beforehand. Equipment rental tracking software allows you to add the vendors, and you can regularly update the prices of the goods. Thanks to historical records you’ll be able to detect the period when the rates are more favorable for purchasing of the inventory. The introduced Managemart inventory management tool is only a part of a complex solution that was designed for an abundance of business types. The plugin is entirely connected with other software tools for instant information for the team.