In general No! Nothing is free in this world. We spent hundred thousand hours to create and support this beautiful software, and we offer simple and fair prices.

If a payment is declined, our system attempts the payment once per day over the next 3 days. If that still fails, you will be downgraded to the standard plan. No data is lost, and you can still access the core functions of the program to keep your systems running. Once you have funds avilble again, you can upgrade from the dashboard, and everything will pickup where it left off.


SnailMail goes out everyday at 11:00am. USPS claims a 2-3 day delivery for most areas in the U.S. with some areas in Nevada that may take 4 days. Please keep in mind that holidays do effect the post service, so make sure to plan accordingly.

SnailMail is an addition feature we offer to you! After you make your invoices for the month, you can have us send them for you! We print color (logos and payment terms), trifold the invoices, stuff in envelopes, include return envelope for your customer, stamp it, and mail it by the next time post is picked up.

Online Payments

Online payments are only available to uses on the premium plan. Square, PayPal and Stripe do charge the normal processing fees as any company, but we do not tack on any other fees.

Yes you can. You can connect your Square ( or create new one ) and accept online payments from your clients.

General Questions

ManageMart is it's own thing. Built from the ground up with a very unique core. The reason some programs look alike is due to website templates. Many programs use templates as a delivery source. If one of your competitors has the same truck as you and looks like you, does that mean it is the same quality, product, or service? Of course not! The same is true with software. Many use the same temapltes but the functions, code, core, and team behind it are all vastly different.

Updates are daily! Some as small as typo fixes, some as big as new features, and pages added. Updates are always free, unless there is a cost to us associated with the new feature (like text messaging). We never update in ways that would negatively impact your normal day to day use. Once you get used to a way something works, you can be sure it will always work that way. We only add features, not take away.