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Photo Studio Management Software

Improve your photo studio business with photography client management software

Photo Studio Management Software

The creation of photos can transform into an incredibly profitable business, especially with a proper approach. ManageMart universal and user-friendly software allows to master various aspects to integrate it rapidly into your daily business process. Get access to the software from any type of the device and let the customer receive photos, invoices, and other data through the best CRM for photographers studio as well. Spend more time on taking photos not on organizing and seeking the new clients. Photography studio management software grants vast opportunities to the person who is utilizing this incredible tool. There are numerous features which raise the productivity level to a greater extent, make the standard operations run faster and smoother. See below the most characteristic features which prove the effectiveness of photography business accounting software.

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Photography and filming - Photo 1

Use digital photography scheduling management software

Scheduling and planning is an essential activity for productive operation. A decent time management skill is the foundation of a prosperous company. You need to organize the schedule in the way to encompass a greater portion of work per day. 

  • Proper scheduling can obviously result in a higher profit. 
  • You can set/change the dates in the calendar in couple clicks
  • Mark reminders, notifications and updates in the schedule for your team
  • Send notifications to your employees or clients in case the events or shifts in the schedule changes. 
  • Scheduling feature allows assign tasks to employees, drag-and-drop calendar editing and define default service or item for task.
  • Set different colors for tasks and customers.

Let the photography invoice software deal with bills

The invoicing system will make you forget about all the billing problems. 

  • It can automatically send the invoices for the performed work;
  • You can see the paid and unpaid invoices; 
  • You can send invoices to your customers with ManageMart SMS service;
  • ManageMart Software supports PayPal, Square and Stripe payment gateways;
  • The sending of the invoices includes the link for a specified payment service so that a client could pay remotely;
  • With the accounting software for photographers you can connect your QuickBooks account; 
  • Manage all your invoices, bills and estimates in photography business software

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Report photography studio control software feature

It is vital to have information on all the activities and events that are taking place during the existence of the business. 

  • The reports untie thousands of bits of information into simple charts which clarify the current situation of the company. 
  • The photography business software is a solution that helps to see the tendency of your company
  • View the bookings, the number of existing orders, pending requests and other helpful data about the photo studio.
  • ManageMart reports can be printed or exported directly to your clients or employees in PDF format.
  • Manage your companies profit/loss and send your tax information to your accountant by one click.

Client management software for photographers

It is quite natural to maintain the equipment in good condition or update the supplies in time. 

  • When we are talking about photos we might consider various extra apparel, photo accessories and additional stuff like extra lenses with special effects or extra power sources. 
  • A simple studio software would keep the inventory managed and remind you if something was forgotten for some particular order. 
  • You can add some vendors where you can purchase some modifications for your camera or rent some attributes for a wedding or birthday photo sessions.
  • Upload images of your equipment, save part numbers manage everything easily, and in full detail.

Photography and filming - Photo 4

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