Messenger Feature by ManageMart

With the instant Messenger you can communicate with your employees and customers and keep all the conversation stored in our cloud-based business software

Messenger Tools

Communication is an integral part of successful business development. Up until the recent time the main means of communication was either phone or regular mail. The modern technology allows having constant contact with both workers and clients thus resulting in the increased work productivity. Companies frequently have to shift from one messenger tool to another until they find the one that will be the most suitable for the peculiarities of the business. Managemart introduces an integrated messenger that would become part of your personal ecosystem for communication. Thus all the correspondence and all the messages sent between the team members and customers will be stored in one place offering an opportunity to retrieve the message whenever it is needed. When paired with dispatch and SMS tools the feature becomes a powerful piece of equipment that assists you in providing the most satisfying grade of services.

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Using ManageMart Messenger Management Tool

The chat messenger menu is located in the right corner of the page, and when you activate it, the window will always be visible until you close it. You can perform three basic actions with the window:

  • Resize the window for comfortable viewing;
  • Communicate with Managemart support;
  • Use mute button to enable/disable notifications sound.

Special Information on the Messenger Field Service Tool

Aside from simple sending of the message, it is vital to know some extra features which are present within the program.

  • The communication with the employees who share the same program is absolutely free;
  • To send a message to the customers, you require to have a subscription for SMS messaging plugin.
  • You can perform searches and create groups for simultaneous messaging.
  • All the text is stored in the history on the server so that you could check it whenever you need.

Enjoy this user-friendly built-in messenger that will surely become a vital asset for your company’s daily routine.

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