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Organization and decoration of holidays is that thing which of often delivered into the charge to specialized companies, especially when it comes to large-scale events. However, who will facilitate the work of organization doing this, since it has to deal with many processes at the same time? ManageMart offers a decent solution to this problem. Holiday management software will help you make your decoration business money-making and work control much more enjoyable and easier. Our developers have taken into account all the nuances that are important for companies involved in organizing holidays in order to make business administration easy and simple. ManageMart has a lot of features for optimizing all business processes and will definitely help your company to increase its profitability.



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Detailed reports - the best solution to monitor the work of your employee

In order to constantly improve the quality of services, minimize calculations and take into account all the customer complaints you need to have detailed reports about each completed project. By using the program, you can:

  • Track and evaluate the implementation of the tasks and goals. 
  • Quickly and conveniently receive accurate reports on such areas of work as taxes, income, expenses and lost profits. 
  • Automating the preparation of reports is much more convenient than writing them on paper.
  • You can find and view the necessary document in a matter of seconds.
  • ManageMart’s reports cover everything your company does with the click of a button
  • The PDF format of the report allows you to print or export them to the employees or customers.

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Accounting and QuickBooks sync in Holiday Software

Our holiday management software feature reduces time to create accounts and eliminates the need to make changes in financial status manually. 

  • If the company makes a profit or suffers losses, this information is automatically entered into the accounts. 
  • You can set the frequency with which these documents will be generated. 
  • Online payments administration greatly expands opportunities of your business and will make it more attractive for customers.
  • Have strict records of income and expenses for a week or a month. 
  • 100% QuickBooks sync gives an excellent opportunity to make work even more convenient and fast.

This option is suitable for large companies with a constant load since start-ups usually evaluate the profit for each project.



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Cooperation with Customers is Above all with ManageMart Holiday Software

Clients are very important for each company, because success, prosperity, and profit depend on them. Holiday property management software can simplify all processes related to customers. 

  • Client contacts, accounts and wishes – all this can be found in seconds with the ManageMart app. 
  • Competent maintenance of the customer base and detailed information about each customer 
  • Reduce the time of negotiations and improve the quality of your services. Make communication with customers fast, simple and productive with our software. 
  • Keep the list of your customers with all their current and previous orders in your personal cloud-base ManageMart dashboard.
  • Communicate with the clients via the integrated messaging system.

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Online scheduling with the Assistance of Holiday Management Software

Intelligent scheduling and attention to detail are the essential qualities of each professional businessman or woman. Simple online planning will help you to set clear goals and monitor the implementation of several processes at the same time. Online calendat includes:

  • reminders;
  • schedules and their updating;
  • adding tasks to employees and customers;
  • rescheduling messages.

As you can see the holiday software gives great flexibility in planning.

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GPS Tracking and Route Optimization are the Key Features for any Successful Business

Losses because of bad route optimizations can turn any business into the nightmare, negatively affecting work, profits and reputation. ManageMart offers holiday management software :

  • Convenient GPS tracking which will determine the exact location of the desired object and each employee on the map
  • Allowing you to make the optimal route to clients.
  • ManageMart GPS tracking system is easy to use and mobile friendly for Android and iOS.
  • Generate various reports, control devices remotely and much more.
  • Save a lot of time and transportation costs thanks to the smart planning.

This is very important for the business specialized on holiday decoration, making transportation of special equipment and materials necessary for decoration fast and effective. 

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Convenient Equipment Tracking

During the decoration processes, equipment plays a significant role. Each company has its own suppliers, but in any case, their equipment needs to be timely inspected and if necessary replaced. Depreciation of equipment also should not be disregarded, as with regular use, it is inevitable. The ManageMart cloud-based software will be an excellent assistant in the care of equipment as it can:

  • Create the maintenance schedules, track equipment numbers, etc. 
  • If the equipment has expired lifetime value, the program will tell you about this in advance. 
  • Each tool will be added to a separate profile and if your organization has a lot of specialized equipment, 
  • The program shall quickly find the right thing and all the necessary information about it. 

With MagnageMart decoration holiday softawre you are protected from sudden loss of equipment, missed inspection, an absence of repair parts and unrecorded expenses.

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Assign Tasks to Employees in the Most Convenient Way

Usually, some events can be forgotten, and in most cases, this can lead to a very negative impact on the business. It is especially important to have a control over all your business processes. The ManageMart software offers features, that can improve your companies business.

  • The software allows you not only to create tasks but also to assign employees who will be engaged in their implementation. 
  • It shows which employee is idle, which is busy and who is near the next object. 
  • The software will remember all the things that need to be performed regularly.
  • In any work, there are recurring tasks. This may be a technical inspection of equipment, an update of the website, etc. 
  • You can change the frequency of tasks by yourself. In this case, the number of recurring tasks can be any.

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Employee Accounts will Save you from Boring Paperwork

If the number of employees in an organization is more than two, then all organizational issues must be regulated. The more people working in the company, the harder this task become. 

  • The ManageMart program greatly simplifies this process by creating separate accounts for each employee. 
  • You can quickly get information about any employee at any time – his level of employment, success, achievement of goals, presence in the workplace, etc. 
  • You will have a constant connection with any workman, can solve all problems urgently, and also set tasks for each employee through their accounts. 
  • Regular reports will help you evaluate the performance of your workers and identify problems in time.

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ManageMart can be accessed on anything that connects to the internet, and it works perfectly every time!

  • NO Setup fee
  • NO Download
  • Update Instantly
  • Unlimited Support

ManageMart can be accessed on anything that connects to the internet, and it works perfectly every time!

  • NO Setup fee
  • NO Download
  • Update Instantly
  • Unlimited Support