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Catering Software for Small Business

Optimize catering small business with the latest catering company planning software

Catering Business Software

Managemart that is known for a variety of business management solutions introduces an entirely new program that was designed for the catering business. Catering management software demonstrates a vast set of tools which will promote the overall performance of the company.

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Manage your Customers with Catering Company Software

For a small catering business, it is crucial to satisfy all the customers’ needs. All the information about your clients orders will be specified and stored for reference in the memory of catering management software. 

  • The Cloud Based Software will store all the data on the events regardless if it is a wedding or a business meeting so that you could develop the most effective strategy. 
  • The section includes various diagrams and charts with the most preferred orders of foods and drinks for designing the most outstanding menu to match all tastes. 
  • Review all the feedbacks from your clients about the past events and according to that improve the quality of your service. 
  • Additionally, you can add information about potential issues which can occur during the organization of an event. 

Monitor the Profits with Catering Business Software

The catering business management solution can be utilized to monitor the usage of the resources more effectively. 

  • Monitor what has been purchased and in what quantities. 
  • Add various criteria to create a well-organized list of prices for different extra services. 
  • Our software stores and manages the salary for the employees according to the number of orders they have accomplished.
  • ManageMart Service Field Management Software supports following payment gateways: Square, Stripe and Paypal.

As a result, you will become more conscious with the smallest aspects of the biz including even the price for a pack of napkins. The budgeting of the company will run smoother, and it will be extra flexible.

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Catering Invoice Business Software for Caterers

Catering invoicing software system is a superior tool that will bring order to all your accounting issues. You can be sure that all the conducted financial operations are performed at the highest security level as they run through a well-protected protocol. 

  • The payments can be made directly through the system via the link that is sent to the customer. 
  • The software supports numerous payment services for greater comfort. 

Forget about swimming in the ocean of paperwork and start working with the electronic documents and you’ll see how effective it is.

Schedule all Tasks and Events with Catering Planning Software

The option of detailed planning of the schedule opens entirely new horizons for the development of the catering company. Planning in advance lets you become even more productive. A pro scheduling tool will:

  • Maintain all the dates with events and lists of activities which should be undertaken in due time.
  • Plan the activities according to the time that is in your possession.
  • You can add changes on the go and send notifications to all those people who are dependent on these alterations in planning. 
  • Add reminders, notifications of reschedules, updates to staff schedules, key forms and paperwork
  • You can create and manage any type of recurring tasks.
  • You can mark/edit the complete and invoice task, mark as in progress.
  • Set different colors for tasks or a series of tasks, specific clients or employees in software for catering business.

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Intuit QuickBooks and Sync Expenses

Connect your QuickBooks account to ManageMart and keep all your accounting records up-to-date. In ManageMart catering business software it can synchronize in both way following information: 

  • Expenses, Invoices, Estimates and many more.
  • Track your transactions income and expenses from one dashboard.
  • Create and store detailed reports about your profits, expenses and tax. 
  • You can connect with more than 1.400 banks.

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