Snail Mail Feature by ManageMart

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Snail Mail in Field Service Business

The Snail Mail is a recognized supplier of reliable delivery services. It is one of the most frequently used solutions for sending important documentation including quotations, invoices, and other papers which require a portion of extra security. The basic principle of the feature’s work is the importing of the file into a paper document and sending it via a regular mail. Not all customers equally like reading the documents from the screens and prefer adding marks with pens on the sheets of paper. That’s, when Snail Mail becomes an irreplaceable assistant to prevent issues during business communication with the customers and successfully closed the deals.

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Positive and Negative Features of Using Snail Mail Invoices in Your CRM

To remove all the possible questions regarding the usability of the software in your business you need to apprehend the basic traits of the program, both strong and weak ones. As a result, you can make a fair judgment of the worthiness of using the tool for your needs.

A) Positive points

  • It is the most reliable way to import and send all types of business correspondence.
  • The hard copy is always more trustworthy than an electronic one.
  • The software has a lower spam rate in comparison with other email providers so it can be used for marketing campaigns.
  • According to the Forbes reviews, the field service solution allows a more individual approach to the customers and establishing closer relations.

B) Negative points

  • The Snail Mail is slower than sending a simple email.
  • All the packages with documents will cost you money according to the selected postal service.

The Usage of Snail Mail Estimates and Invoice Messaging Plugin

After the work with the documents is finished and you plan to send it to the customer in the sending field you will find an option to send a message with a Snail Mail. To accomplish the sending of the message, you will require to purchase the stamps according to the destination.

The stamps are available online at ManageMart personal account dashboard on the right side navigation bar, button named “Store”. Tap on it and purchase one of the stamps packages. Kindly fill in the fields properly with the address of the customer and valid index or else the message can be delivered to a wrong location. After you accomplish the message creation, it will be sent to US postal service that will be responsible for the delivery of the package. Additionally, you can see the final look of the document that will be carried to the customer prior to final confirmation.

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Vital Thing to Mention

While working with Snail Mail feature within Managemart field service solution remember the importance of regular checking of the documents you’re planning to send to the customer. Due to the obvious reasons, you will not be capable of editing the letter transferred via presented feature and the customer will receive a hard copy with possible errors or miscalculations. All the messaging should be timely planned. After creating a profile in the Managemart system, you will get a free trial version with all features unlocked, and you can try by yourself all the distributed features and, if needed, gain support from a competent service center.