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SMS and Text Service

With the SMS business feature send notifications and messages to your customers and employees directly from your ManageMart account

SMS/Text as Management Solution

SMS and text feature is a great extra plugin that will significantly enhance the entire informational policy of the company. The short text messages are becoming the most acceptable and preferable form of communication as the owners of the gadgets usually carry their devices with themselves and will instantly receive the notifications on important cases.

Sending a message is a more personalized means of communication that usually meets a higher rate of feedback. Through the Managemart SMS/Text software, you will always be online with your clients providing them with the highest level of services. We offer to the users of the companies the operation tool with a reliable platform that will be fully integrated into your personal systems.

The SMS feature deserves attention thanks to the following peculiarities:

  • The plugin is installed within the same software environment and is interconnected with it.
  • The plugin is reliable and safe, so you don’t have to worry about your data.
  • The marketing campaigns will run faster and nearly fully automatically.

SMS and Text Service - Photo 1

Sending and Receiving Texts/SMS within Managemart Field Service

The SMS tool is located in the navigation bar to the left from the main window. The tool grants an option to quickly perform SMS sending directly through the profiles of the customers and employees.. With only $20 per month, you can install the extra feature that will significantly enhance the overall performance of the communication. The tool that was integrated into the system has the following characteristic features:

  • The feature stores everything with a single program unity. All the messages connected with a particular customer can be viewed in the form of an information thread. All sent documentation and quick messages will be displayed in this section.
  • You can group the files and send them with a single click of the mouse.
  • Send the same message for numerous customers thus creating an effective business marketing campaign.

The Activation of SMS and Text Tool

When you tap on the “SMS” feature icon, you will see the window where you need to type your credentials. You can pay with your card or use any other way that is convenient for you. After the process is accomplished your subscription becomes active, and you can start using the feature. The tool works on a monthly basis, and you’ll have to continue the subscription. Try using SMS and text add-on for a month and check for yourself how it will assist you with sending notifications and information to the customers. 

SMS and Text Service - Photo 2