• Connect your bank account
  • Pay and receive payments online
  • Create invoices and set recurrence on them
  • Sync QuickBooks with your account
  • Generate tax, profit & loss and expenses reports

Routing and GPS

  • Set the most suitable routes for the work day
  • Get real-time traffic information to avoid delays
  • Control your  employees location from any device in real time;
  • Track your cars and equipment.
  • And more...

Employees Management

  • Track employees working time;
  • Unite employees into crews;
  • Create, edit and assign tasks;
  • Manage jobs and tasks in the calendar;
  • Set recurring tasks;
  • Give different access for the employees

Lawn Care and Landscaping Calculators

In ManageMart software, you can use the specialized calculator for lawn care and landscaping business. With this calculator, you will increase the speed and reliability of your measurements, save time and avoid work estimating errors. 

  • Area Calculator - quick and easy calculate of the cultivated area. You can compute both the land separately and in conjunction with buildings. 
  • Mulch Calculator - you can estimate how much mulch is required for a specific area at a specified depth.
  • Charge By The Sq. Ft. Calculator - calculate the cost of processing the specific area by entering the required data. 
  • Sod Calculator - calculate the amount of grass cover for a specific area. Fertilizer calculator - calculate the quantity and cost of fertilizers depending on the area. 
  • Aeration Calculator - calculate the amount to aerate a specific area depending on its size.

Scheduling and Calendar

Lawn Care Scheduling Software

The more clients you have, the harder it gets to keep track of current tasks and assignments and always be updated about your next move. You also get such benefits: 

  • Our lawn care scheduling app for iOS and Android to manage everything from the smartphone;
  • Set tasks to your employees and customers with the possibility to add notes, change statuses, set time frames and many more;
  • Sett colors, employ filters, set recurring events, highlight important tasks, adjust your plans on the move;
  • Set recurrence on tasks;
  • Keep all the data saved in cloud-based.

With ManageMart lawn scheduling software, you will always be on time.

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Accounting and Lawn Care Invoice Software

A decent accounting system is a half profit with lawn business software. When all the invoices and payrolls are organized and stored in a single location, you can be sure that all the money are in order.

  • Control paid invoices and pending ones to send reminders to those who haven’t paid you yet;
  • All the working hours will be visible in the payroll section so you can always timely send the salary to your team members;
  • Create invoices automatically, set your payment plans, send invoices per worker, per hour, or per service, and add additional services to invoice;
  • Sync Expenses with more than 1400 banks;
  • Connect your QuickBooks account to ManageMart and keep all your accounting records up-to-date;
  • Track all your payment transactions from your ManageMart account.

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Route forecasting

Lawn Care Routing Software

Our priority is to save your time. ManageMart software for Lawn Care has the best tracking features. Our routing and GPS features:

  • Will select the most suitable routes;
  • Adjust them to your plans for the day;
  • Manage expenses on fuel / gas;
  • Set routes in correspondence of the importance of the orders;
  • Track your cars and equipment with GPS;
  • Control the way of your employees - you’ll always know where they are during the business day;
  • Get real-time traffic information to avoid delays.

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Online Payment

Lawn Care Software - Online Payment Feature

Optimize your payment strategies using ManageMart. Our software allows you to:

Connect to Square, PayPal, Stripe;

  • Create invoices and send them to the customers within couple of clicks;
  • Receive payments and pay to your employees online from the ManageMart account;
  • Manage your cash flow;
  • Generate reports on tax, profit & loss and expenses;  
  • Have records and payment history in the cloud based storage.

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Equipment Tracking

Equipment Tracking For Lawn Service App

With ManageMart, you can control all your equipment and without difficulty secure profits for your company.

  • Effectively manage your equipment in ManageMart account;
  • Add notes, description, model details, pictures for each equipment;
  • Track what needs to be repaired;
  • Assign employees in charge, and monitor the history of equipment use.

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Lawn Care Estimating Software

Lawn Care Estimating Software

Pricing your work has always been a tricky part of a lawn care company. There are just too many factors that have to be taken into account:

  • Property size and its condition, the amount of labor its maintenance will involve, the type of work, the equipment and its productivity, to say nothing of overhead costs, such as fuel and travel expenses;
  • With Managemart you no longer need a standalone estimating software to automate these complex calculations;
  • Being a one-stop solution for your lawn care management, this specialized software delivers all you need for accurate estimating process. 



Crew Management

Lawn Service Crew Management

Growing your business comes with its challenges as well. Managing many employees can be a burdensome experience, but Managemart makes it easy for you. In our lawn service software you can:

  • Manages each employee remotely, traces their timecards, and assigns tasks individually;
  • Your employees will have their own pages and login information in the lawn business software account;
  • You can set tasks and manage assets depending on your employees work position;
  • You can unite employees into crews;
  • Create and sign contracts with contractors online.

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Time Tracking for Efficient Work

Being a one-stop solution for lawn care management, ManageMart app has a lot of benefits for the customers. Timecards are one of those:

  • You can track the time your workers spent on lawn care service;
  • Monitor workloads and productivity of each employee individually;
  • Generate and download detailed reports and use them to precisely calculate monthly payments;
  • Filter and navigate easily within the multi-user system.



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ManageMart can be accessed on anything that connects to the internet, and it works perfectly every time!

  • NO Setup fee
  • NO Download
  • Update Instantly
  • Unlimited Support

ManageMart can be accessed on anything that connects to the internet, and it works perfectly every time!

  • NO Setup fee
  • NO Download
  • Update Instantly
  • Unlimited Support