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Educational Management Software by ManageMart

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Educational Software

The presented Managemart’s academics education management software is a professionally designed software solution that offers a variety of tools for effective management of educational institutions. The program includes the means which will optimize the financial and operational resources of the school, college or even private courses. Additionally, the program has extra functions which allow monitoring the human resources and provide a deeper insight into the academic success of the students.  The intuitive control helps to perform numerous actions without the necessity to master any programming language. Education management information can be transferred between various users making the work even more productive. By subscribing for the 7 day free trial version, you can try the basic features of the program and experience how it will contribute to the productivity and management upgrade by yourself.

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Track the attendance of the students with GPS educational management software

The monitoring of the students’ visits to the mandatory courses can be a pain. With a professional education management software, it is possible to track the attendance of the students via a simple tap on the screen of the Android or iOS operating the device. 

The professors will also be capable of creating a log of the vital points of the lecture. The innovative GPS tracking system allows locating the skippers instantly. Such a feature will significantly boost the attendance of all the lectures and courses resulting in increased student performance. 


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ManageMart CRM Field Service Management Solution

There is no need to use some separate expensive specialized tools for organization of advertisement campaigns or sending emails to potential students. The app is equipped with a well-designed tool that can 

  • Conduct the mailing automatically, send invites and generate the charts with feedback from the potential enrollees.
  • The system will become helpful during the communication with people who are interested in the establishment and who are posting inquiries. 
  • With such an item, you can be sure that your customer service will be at the most appropriate level.


Educational Administration Software Scheduling Feature

An education management scheduling tool is one of the most natural things in the applications which ensure effective management. Regarding educational establishment, it is three times more important. 

  • The instrument will help in the organization of schedules, fitting various types of extracurricular activities, board meetings, and other vital events.
  • Both students and teachers have access to the schedules so that everybody could get a notification about any possible changes or read the announcement of some upcoming events. 
  • Add reminders, notifications of reschedules, updates to staff schedules of your institution and make the daily schedule for everyone transparent directly in educational management software schedule feature.
  • Create/remove/mark as done tasks and events in your dashboard the just by one click.
  • Set a specific color in the schedule to every employee or important event.

Accounting Education Management Software Feature

ManageMart software will become a superior accounting assistant. It will add a powerful AI touch to the administrative body of the education institution.

  • Make the billing and invoicing easier than ever before. 
  • Effectively monitor the working hours of professors and conduct payments effectively. 
  • Help you to control the expenditures and profits of the organization with great comfort.
  • Create payments online and pay to your employees directly quickly and secure
  • Charge your customers automatically for the services you offer. 
  • All the invoices and estimates can be created with the use of templates and send to the customers by emails or via messages.

School management system software is an incredible tool that will become a superior assistant in all branches of college, school and university management. Remember that awesome educational establishments give birth to even more awesome graduates. 



Get the maximum from the education management systems software

The software offers a set of tools for developing extra assignment and posting either within the system or send them directly to the students. The program will help a lot using automatic generation of various reports and lesson plans. It will save time on unnecessary paperwork and concentrate more on the effective teaching and development of new methods. It will also assist you in the preparation of quizzes and test exams with a possibility to automatically check the tasks and send the performance reports.

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