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Customer Relationship Management Feature

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ManageMart Customer Relationship Management System

The customer relationship management (CRM) feature has been designed by ManageMart to help business owners to improve their relationship with current customers, find and attract new clients, and help them to return their former customers. The client information management software includes a set of tools to collect, organize, and manage data. Thanks to the user-friendly interface of the program, ManageMart solution is very easy to use. 

Below you will find more detailed information about this feature that you should read to find out what it is, how it works, why it will be helpful for you, how you can start using it, and more. 

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Advantages of Customer Relationship Management System

ManageMart intelligent software for small business and large companies includes a range of helpful features, and CRM is one of those tools that allow you to enjoy a range of advantages, including the following:

  • You will have the full client database in a single program;
  • You do not have to purchase a separate CRM program because everything you need you will have in ManageMart solution;
  • The feature is very easy to use;
  • It comes with a full set of tools to allow you to do different actions with records in seconds from creating a new customer profile to setting a discount for them;
  • All the CRM records become automatically linked with other features and functions;
  • There are numerous fields to fill out with relevant information to create and view comprehensive customer profiles.

Get Access to Every Detail That You Need to Know

Let’s have a closer look at what tools and techniques are available within the feature. The following is the information that you can add to a customer profile:

  • Initial information, including a photo;
  • Contact information (email address, phone number, location, and address); 
  • Financial information, such as bank cards and payment method;
  • Additional Information allows you to add different details;
  • Invoices & Estimates section includes accounts/estimates;
  • Notes allow you to add additional info;
  • The Payments section allows you to access a quick report on payments and view recent transactions;
  • Tasks include all the daily/monthly tasks;
  • The Invoices section has all invoices;
  • The Estimates section is designed for all information on estimates;
  • Customer on the map allows you to view the geographical location.

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Create and Manage Information Easily

You can either create records manually or import them from the (.CSV) format, Microsoft Outlook Contacts, and Google Contacts. Every section of the client profile can be changed at any time you want because you will be able to get access to the customer database whenever you need from any place thanks to the cloud-based system. 

To add changes, you need to do the following:

  • Click on the EYE icon to access the customer profile;
  • Use the section that you need to change by clicking on the Pencil icon;
  • Add changes and save them.

If something goes wrong and you do not want to save changes, just click on the “Cancel” button.

Manage Issues

Not only this information management system allows you to create and manage customer profile, but it also allows you to sort out different issues quickly to match the highest requirements related to any project. 

How does it work?

When you receive a complaint from a client, it is important to understand the situation quickly and do necessary actions to sort the problem out. Thanks to the customer information software, you will get instant access to all the details related to your customers, their orders, payments, additional information, and more. This means that you will be able to sort issues quickly and effectively, which will contribute to your client satisfaction. Also, your employees will be able to manage problems effectively using the complaint management software.  

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How to Use the Feature?

You can subscribe for our 7 days free trial, which is enough to understand how it works and if it is something that you really need. You can go through the to read the detailed instructions on how this feature can be used and see examples.

Please note, that by subscribing for our software, you will be able to use not only the CRM feature but also other features and tools included in our product. If you are happy with the software, you can choose the optimal pricing plan. We offer flexible pricing and several packages for different business sizes.