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Even the smallest company needs a well-organized workflow process that can be get with the ManageMart cloud-base software.

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Pressure washing is a great way to quickly and efficiently clean various surfaces with a jet of water that is released under high pressure. Such cleaning requires specialized equipment and trained people and that is why people usually hire professionals to deal with it. If you have pressure washing business, then its management can be greatly simplified by use of the pressure washing software. It is designed to eliminate the waste of time and money caused by the inefficient use of resources, including labor. Even if the business is small and consists of several people, automation still is useful, since it will become another member of the team who is engaged in analytics and helps to make the right decisions.

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Accurate account management for business pros

Count of expenses and income and determination of profitability percentage will answer the question – is the company developing in the right direction? Manual account management requires tons of paperwork, the scale of which is proportional to the size of the enterprise. 

  • Automation will eliminate this problem and provide quick access to any document if you need to familiarize yourself with it.
  • Billing can be made semi-automatic or you can simply link it to a bank account – then all changes on the balance will be made automatically. 
  • ManageMart feature eliminates human errors and helps to avoid any unaccounted expenses. 
  • You can connect ManageMart software to QuickBooks and synchronize information about employees, customers, expenses, invoices, etc.

ManageMart planning feature is a clear way to the prosperity of any business

At the moment, ManageMart pressure washing software is considered one of the best for planning and scheduling. What makes competent planning? 

  • You will not forget about important events, do not miss an appointment or phone call, get ready for the planned work in time – the reminder system will take care of this. 
  • With the help of online scheduling, you can quickly create an action plan for the near future or any other period, and also quickly notify your employees about it. 
  • Employees can create reports on completed plans and make their own adjustments. 
  • ManageMart soft allows you to keep the planned pace of work and keep up with the established schedule. 



Make online calculations fast, convenient and safe

In a modern world, people rarely have enough time to personally deal with money issues, especially when it comes to a cash settlement. Such convenience makes the company much more attractive to the client because no one likes to waste time. Large companies are always interested in online payments since with cash payments the significant amounts of work and finances can be processed for a long. 

  • ManageMart allows you to use such payment systems as: Stripe, Square or PayPal.
  • With online payments the situation is different, and funds can be transferred quickly. 
  • Online payments, because this is much faster, don't require personal presence and eliminate errors in the calculation. 
  • This is convenient not only for customers but also for equipment suppliers, maintenance technicians, etc.
  • All the data on calculations of all the payments and expenses will be saved online.

Effective personnel management and quick problem solving

Routine tasks are inevitable both in life and business. One cannot get away from them since most of the processes are based on them, but it is possible to make these tasks implementation faster and more convenient. 

  • The software provides the ability to create an endless list of recurring tasks with periodic notifications and alarms. 
  • You can set up the frequency of repeating tasks and make all necessary adjustments.
  • With the help of ManageMart products, the manager needs only a few minutes to give the task to his subordinates.
  • The tasks can be distributed among a big number of employees who work in different departments. 



GPS navigation and tracking you will always be up to date

All companies engaged in pressure washing business, have several teams that go to the call. Sometimes happens that manager does not always know exactly where they are. 

  • What to do in this case if a new order is coming? 
  • How to know will the workers be able to come to the next call? 
  • Where is geographically located machinery and rolling stock? 
  • Convenient GPS navigation and maps will answer all these questions. With the help of them, you can:
  • Track where the employees, rolling stock and equipment are. 
  • Be able to select the desired number of vehicles and specialists
  • Mark the exact coordinates of the clients on the map help to establish the best route.
  • Route optimization software greatly reduces transportation costs. 
  • The system is very convenient if employees need to visit several sites per day without returning to the enterprise.

Any movement of your employee should be profitable. Information about all workers and equipment allows to implement the most efficient distribution of labor resources and not to miss the lucrative offers.

Control of employees work and their accounts

For more convenient and efficient personnel management, ManageMart employee accounts have such integrated features:

  • You can create a separate account for each employee. 
  • Anyone working in a company will have access to own page with current tasks. 
  • The account will contain all the information about the job done too – financial affairs, reports on completed or unfinished tasks, work schedule, etc. 
  • Such a system of personnel management implies the full awareness of employee actions, as well as quick communication with each of them.
  • All financial transactions made by them are displayed in the accounts and flow of funds remains open and clear to the manager.



Successful work with all your customers

Maintaining a customer base is the simple occupation, but only at first glance, because inattention to some details may be quite dangerous. Each person who addresses the pressure washing company expects an individual approach, time accuracy, and care. A separate account for each client allows you to have respect to all his wishes, save important information and clients contacts. Such an attitude is very flattering to customers and has a beneficial effect on the organization's reputation. In addition, the time spent on each customer becomes significantly reduced.

Intelligent reporting for improvement of performance

  • Reports on all areas of the enterprise are important not only for monitoring and evaluating productivity but also for working on errors and further improving the quality of services. In cases when reports are in paper form, it is quite difficult to collect all the data about the whole enterprise activity. The best software for pressure washing business greatly simplifies this process:
  • You can hold all reports gathered together in electronic form.
  • They can be created automatically on the basis of the entered data. 
  • A business owner can set the frequency of such reports generated in order to have data on the work of the enterprise for a specific period. 
  • You can also find reports of each project. 
  • Reports can be created on the basis of the work done, payments, invoices, purchases, repairs, planned technical inspections, repairs, etc. 
  • Basing on them, you can create graphs and analyze all company operations. 
  • You can also compare reports for a specific period of time to determine how the company is developing.


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