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Here you will find out about the ManageMart dispatch, scheduling, estimating, invoice, contractor, mobile app, company management, and other features to run your small plumbing business

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Wanna improve your business? Make it better for the clients and more pleasant for the workers? We live in the 21st century, the time of innovations and modern technologies which make our life simpler and faster. Business runs on tech, which means, that more and more local companies and huge corporations are ordering various software and apps for the better administration, estimating and control of the employees and not only. It is obvious that with the Plumbing business software you can save money and hire employees for the remote work. Let us help you to influence and change your business in a better way. The business management software we offer you is the multi functional app that can become an excellent resolution software for a small plumbing business, companies and contractors. Our mobile app is available both for IOS and Android and entirely optimized for the work on PC in the office, on the smartphone devices and tablets, which is very convenient for the plumbers out in the field.

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Plumbing scheduling software

Scheduling in any service plays a significant role, as with its help you can schedule the projects, equipment, and workers to maximize the profit of your business, and to utilize your time flawlessly. Plumbing service scheduling software can demonstrate all the active workers, the jobs they are scheduled and the time when the plumbers are free for the new orders. With the soft, you can organize work plans on-the-go, receive notifications when tasks are updated, and receive alerts straight from your app on a smartphone or tablet.

All in all, with our plumbing software has a lot of benefits. With the ManageMart scheduling feature for your business, you will get such data as:

  • daily, weekly, monthly view;
  • event reminders;
  • generate invoices from tasks;
  • relevant results for accomplishing projects;
  • data about the responsible plumber on the specific task and date;
  • colorful design for every task on the calendar;
  • plumbers can add/change work updates from the field.
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Plumbing business management software

Isn't that amazing, that with the plumbing estimating software we offer,  you don't have to spend a lot of time for the paperwork routine? The ManageMart plumber software incorporates the equipment/document management. It can handle all your project tasks, individual folders of the employees, as well as other essential documents. Moreover, with the inbuilt calendar, you can manage the working hours, purchase orders, see daily reports and have access to the cash flows. Plumbing business management software allows tracking equipment, see which is free, and how long you can use the device. Our app will automatically remind you about the deadlines, client meetings, and order-marking. The key functions include:

  • assign devices to employees;
  • check the equipment history;
  • assign duties & cases to workers and clients;
  • employees and client's administration;
  • manage tasks and authority for each user;
  • upload and view employees and customers reports;
  • import clients from CVS, Google, Outlook, Yahoo;
  • access to the profiles and orders.

Plumbing invoice software

High-level billing system allows the client to book online the plumbing services work order online and proceed with the payment through our app. ManageMart  plumbing invoice software offers the perfect option to pay the bills instantly, as it supports following payment gateways: Square, Stripe and Paypal. You can have access to the past bill records, create invoices once a customer places an order or do it on a regular basis according to a date set in your calendar. Moreover, our calculation software stores the salary for the employees and plumbers, according to the number of orders they have accomplished. It covers such  processes:

  • pay for the services online;
  • create invoices for the clients;
  • manage employees salary;
  • generate and submit contracts;
  • get paid within a few days.
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Real-time tracking and plumbing dispatch software

With the app you can track every work order process and add benefits into your business. GPS tracking solution ideally suits for the vehicle or mobile phone tracking and management. The employees can adjust their personalized schedule online, and the automatic routing will formulate the quickest route to travel for the day. You can put any list of customers you need to maintain on your calendar. The plumbing dispatch software will contain the full history of the plumber's locations and clients sites. In addition:

  • get notifications about events which require your immediate attention,
  • generate various reports
  • control devices remotely
  • manage the history of the orders on the map
  • use the GPS on smartphones and tablets
  • optimize the route according to the traffics

QuickBooks Sync

Managemart easily integrates with the leading accounting software – Quickbooks Intuit. Your Quickbooks account can be connected to your Managemart account to ensure better performance.

GPS Tracking & Routing

Managemart has the most innovative GPS tracking system. It works with more than 530 different devices and guarantees clever geolocation of your crews in real time

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