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Lawn Aeration Business Software

Aeration and seeding business management software for roofing companies by ManageMart

Aeration Software

Management's Aeration software resources are powerful tools designed specifically for the needs of those people who wish to provide a perfect level of service regardless of the business type. Our software solution will become a decent tool for both large businesses and smaller ones due to a vast set of tools which can be applied for maintenance, billing, scheduling and customer support. Aeration software work releases you from routine processes and undertakes some sizable portion of the mechanical job. It allows you to concentrate more on actual business and communication with clients to make them even more satisfied with what you do. A specialized aeration software by ManageMart for aeration business will become a loyal helper. You can manage your business processes from any PC or smartphone and all possible devices thanks to cloud operating platform. 

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Aeration Scheduling Software Tool

A powerful aeration schedule tools explicitly designed for the productive organization of your companies workflow. 

  • You can use the software to plan a single-time appointment 
  • Develop a set of visits for particular dates according to the contract. 
  • The program allows stress-free operations of scheduling as all the dates and orders are inserted into corresponding cells. 
  • You can postpone the visit if there is a need and send the notification to the client. 
  • You can set tasks both for employees and clients directly in the calendar.
  • The scheduling feature allows to generate separate working tables for different workers and print them. 
  • The user-friendly design makes the scheduling feature easy to use.
  • You can set specific colors to the events and orders.

Build Routes Easier with the Aeration GPS and Maps Feature

The creation of an effective route will become an excellent addition and benefit for your business. 

  • All the addresses of the customers can be added to your database and they can be easily included to the map. 
  • The software can recommend the groups of the customers in a single area. 
  • Serving the clients who are close to one another will undoubtedly result in the fuel expenses decrease.
  • The planning of dispatch programs will become easier 
  • You can select the most optimal route for the team member.


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Invoicing Feature for the Aeration Business

Aeration estimates become more manageable with a corresponding business management software by ManageMart.

  • You can manage all the invoices more efficiently through professional invoicing tools. 
  • You will see the data well sorted according to various parameters: paid or pending invoices, sent or draft options. 
  • All of the invoices are made according to the same pattern creating a more reputable image of your company. 
  • The information is stored in the cloud, and you can quickly retrieve the data whenever it is needed through a built-in search engine.

Aeration Software CRM tool for Better Customer Management

We believe that the owners of the companies have the best knowledge of the services they provide and that they can encourage the clients to make new orders best. 

  • ManageMart allow you to import information from: CSV, Google Contacts and Microsoft Outlook Contacts
  • You can create multiple assets for each customer.
  • The program also stores all payments, invoices, events, notes, images, maps, any personal info you want, and more!
  • Add the information, monitor the activity of the customers and provide decent customer service.


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Accounting and QuickBooks sync for Aeration Business

An integrated accounting system will monitor all the expenses and income, and you will see clearly where does the money come from and where do they go.

  • Sync expenses with our software by connecting your bank account.
  • Connect your QuickBooks account to ManageMart and synchronize in both way invoices, estimates, and expenses.
  • The software allows various payment options to be used including multiple popular payment services: Stripe, PayPal and Square.
  • All the payment data and all the files from the customers stay secure and, confidentiality. 
  • You can charge your customers online and pay employees for the completed work.
  • Additionally, with ManageMart you can easily filter and search any financial transactions.

Aeration Employees Management Tool

Aeration employees management software is a perfect tool that allows tracking the working hours of all the company members. 

  • You can monitor the hours spent on the object and the productivity level of separate workers. 
  • Save all the information about your staff in the specially designed employees profiles
  • You can view the activity of your employees while they are online
  • At ManageMart software you can set access levels for your staff/limit or open the information they can view.
  • Thus you can add the system of bonuses for the most active workers. 
  • Send them updated information regarding the changes in the schedule or some other important notifications. 



Multifunctional Reporting Feature for Aeration Business

The aerating business management software allows the generation of flexible charts with various data for a clearer understanding of the company’s status. 

  • You can acquire the reports on the inventory and supplies utilization to plan the purchases from the vendors more effectively. 
  • You can add the reminders; in case some essential items will occasionally run out.
  • In the reports, you can clearly see all the taxes, profit and loss, active customers, non-active customers, prospects,etc.
  • ManageMart’s reports cover everything your company does and you can print and export the cover in PDF format.
  • Using this data, you can manage the company even better.

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