Dispatch Management Software Features

Implement the dispatch management features into your business and control all the process from one software or mobile app

Dispatch Software for the Business Efficiency

Managing the teams of workers and monitoring of the orders statuses is a challenging activity which requires an abundance of attention and care. The personal computer is the best tool that can cope up with multiple calculations and tasks, but it needs some special software installed to provide this type of services. That is why Managemart introduces specialized field dispatch management solution that was crafted especially for dealing with team control issues. You will gain a superb opportunity to see all the undergoing processes within the company, save time on planning and add some fully automated elements to the business.

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The Beneficial Features of Dispatch Software

With the growth of the company, the difficulty of operations control will increase proportionally to the number of orders and workers who are sent to accomplish the orders. Without decent software, it would become impossible to deal with the tasks in a fast manner. The software covers the basic needs of the dispatch process and grants the following benefits to the users.

  • You will gain complete control of your team’s movement. The ManageMart dispatch software is a powerful tool that will monitor your fleet of workers regardless of its size. The route optimization brings more profit and higher quality of services.
  • The company will acquire a higher reaction speed. The real-time event tracker allows reacting instantly to any need of the customers.
  • The personnel will become more flexible to unexpected scenarios. The top dispatch software is a reliable planning assistant that perfectly adapts to any event. You will always provide the customers with a decent service in the timeliest manner.
  • Customers will be satisfied. High-grade planning with software for dispatching will always prove that your company is the best.

A General Overview of Managemart Dispatch Software

The software allows rapid distribution of the assignments to various crew members. The feature allows working with several customers simultaneously thus covering a more significant portion of work as it includes both employee and equipment assignment elements.

  • To get the dispatch feature, you need to enter the “Schedule” menu and click the corresponding “Dispatch” icon.
  • The section contains all the created dispatch plans.
  • Using a search bar, you can browse your database to seek the dispatch programs by clients, assigned members, equipment or information about the customers.

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Simple Creation of the Dispatch Template

The procedure of the template creation runs according to a simple patter. You tap the “New” icon and start filling the required fields with all the necessary data.

Window 1. General information

  • Name of the dispatch template;
  • Specifications description;
  • Customer (just type few letters and the program will automatically offer you the name of the customers who have already been added to your system).

Window 2. Setting the services and equipment

  • Write down all the information about the services that will be provided.
  • Put down all the pieces of equipment including their price and amount used.
  • You can also add any extra data that will be required for the orders.

 Window 3. Crew members selection

  • You can set any of the workers either from the list or by means of typing the first letters of the last name or name of the worker.
  • You can also use the templates of crew members’ teams.

After all the windows were completed the dispatch program will be ready and become visible in a general list.

Adding Extra Tasks in a Dispatch Software

Updating the dispatch template with some extra assignments is possible.

  • Click an “eye” tile on the selected dispatch template.
  • You can modify the date, time and customer name thus applying a similar template for multiple orders and clients.
  • All the templates are fully customizable and can be deleted any time with a single tap on a corresponding button.

A proper field dispatch management solution will show you how effective the operations control might be and how flexible software is cable of upgrading the business of any type regardless of the service that it provides.

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