Set Custom fields in ManageMart Software

Managemart field service shows the benefits of customizable fields in its professional program solution for all types of businesses

Custom Fields Software

To fulfill the specifications of any type of business, Managemart has designed custom field tool that can be applied to process various content utilized by your company, receiving a more personal software that will correspond to your needs to a greater extent. Gain a superb opportunity to organize your business CRM tool in the most accurate way to cover all the aspects of management. After registration in the system, you will be able to find the custom fields section. Enter the “Resources” section and start adapting the system specifically for your needs.

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How Do Custom Fields Improve the Process of Work

Managemart tries to match the needs of all the users by creating a standard preset of fields. However, some companies have the necessity for some special fields which are absent in the basic software. The creation of new fields is performed in several simple steps:

  • Click the “New” icon, and a blank window will pop out.
  • Select the criteria of the selected customized field.
  • Specify all the information needed.
  • All the saved fields are stored in the “Resources” section so you can easily create templates for corporate utilization.

Manage Customers Fields Even Faster

It might seem bothersome to type the data every time you need in a new custom field. That is why you can use the quick access option to enhance the speed of operations:

  • Right beneath the “Search” field, you’ll find the “Quick access” section with the latest created blocks.
  •  Each of them is fully clickable and available for modification.
  • The search bar helps to find the required template instantly and modify or delete it.

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Samples Explain the Work Easier

The simplicity of the software usage can be explained by the following examples of adding new fields to the “Customers” section:

  • Open the menu “Customers.”
  • Click “New” to start creating a new customer.
  • Use additional information to add a new field.
  • Save it.
  • Template with the new field is ready, and you can use it with other customers.

Benefits of Custom Fields for Customers Management

Free CRM with custom fields is available for you as a part of your subscription so that you were capable of adjusting the software exclusively for your company type needs. Below is the list of capabilities which you will acquire while working with our software.

  • Create field with specified parameters.
  • Design personal templates.
  • Gain quick access to all fields through a special bar.
  • Develop a more individual approach to business.
  • Have all the data well-structured and easily accessible.

The mastering of the feature will not take much time, and you will effortlessly implement it into your system for increasing operations efficiency.

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