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Maps and Routes Feature

Excellent route management feature by ManageMart for more effective business management

ManageMart Software Routes Management

Route organization and management is important in case you want to reach the customer and provide services on time. It is the prerequisites to a good reputation and high credibility. Having created an account with Managemart route management software you can exercise greater control over the daily tasks and make this process work flawlessly. It’s intuitively simple to use it. 

Why Do Businesses Pay much Attention to Route Optimization?

  • Companies suffer great losses on gas, tolls, oil changes, vehicle repair. Miles shortage means payroll savings and less petrol consuming. 
  • Being late to customers - a bad sign. The speed of delivery influences the reputation as clients expect an extremely quick delivery.
  • Higher control of the working process - the process of work is more effective if it is monitored at each stage. Especially, if the number of workers is high. 

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Simple How-to-Do Instructions

The key advantage of the software is that you can choose the route as well as the day. By pushing the button on the top page you can create your new route. The system builds an optical route. When the optimized task is removed, the route is arranged for the order. So, the oldest operation will be on the top of the tasks list. 

Sort out your Tasks Effectively

There are several ways how to sort the tasks:

  • By using a check mark on an optimized button you can sort your tasks from top to bottom in accordance with the best route to fulfill the necessary tasks. 
  • You can sort manually only if the optimized option is unchecked. It can be easily done the following way: move the color field to the right of the task data, and drag it up or down when the cursor is an arrow icon and not the index finger.
  • Unchecked checkbox sorts tasks from the very first to last depending on the time they were created. 

Tasks can be edited at any time needed. 

TOP 8 Reasons why you Need Route Management Software

  1. You can control the way of your drivers - you’ll always know where they are during the business day
  2. You don’t need to waste your time explaining the routes to new workers
  3. You always have a 100% valid proof if someone (your employee, a contractor or customers) makes a complaint or try to cheat you.
  4. You can control and improve the quality of your company service
  5. You avoid financial risks because of surprises that often happen if the route in unplanned 
  6. Your income will increase as your transport will consume less gas and will render services by shorter routes.
  7. Your employees will spend less time driving and more time providing services
  8. You get real-time traffic information, so it can help to avoid delays and cope with force majeures more effectively. 

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Routing Chaos in not your Problem Anymore

Route Management Software by Managemart is a perfect choice if you want to improve your day to day logistics, get comprehensive analytics for deep understanding and improvement of fleet performance, save your money and time. Here are the main advantages of Managemart Route Management Software that should be taken into account when comparing it with rivals: 

  • A trial period (you can test it before buying)
  • Intuitive design (it is user friendly and easy to use by anyone)
  • Affordable (even young companies can afford it)
  • High effectiveness (minimizing empty miles and reducing the payrolls)
  • Flexibility (the data can be corrected any time needed - great for last minutes orders and other unplanned events)