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Get payments from your customers and pay to your employees directly from the field service business software by ManageMart

Why Use Online Payments Field Service Software

One of the helpful features that you can find in ManageMart software is Online Payments. Today, it is virtually impossible to run a successful business without offering your customers a range of convenient payment methods, and it is always important to keep your hand on the pulse of your expenses and income. There are various online payments apps that you can find on the market today to control your overall financial situation and each transaction, but it is not very convenient to use several software products when it is possible to have everything you need to manage your business in one product, which is ManageMart software. Find out what the Online Payments feature is, why you need it, and how it can be used.

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Why Do You Need to Use This Feature

The Online Payments feature includes all transactions that you make and receive on the Internet via different payment methods. Basically, it allows you to get access to your transaction history at any time you want and more. Since we are talking about online payments cloud system, you can browse your online payments and do various actions with records using different devices. This means that you can instantly see if an invoice has been paid.

What Advanced Tools Can You Take Advantage of ?

  • ManageMart software allows customers to enjoy many benefits related to online bill payment processes, including connecting certain online payment companies (Square, Stripe, and Paypal) to your account to allow them to pay for your products or services online. 
  • Also, upon permission from your clients, you can charge them instantly. It is very convenient especially if you have constant customers who use your services or buy your products frequently. 
  • Level Billing is another helpful option that allows you to charge your clients automatically, for instance, once a month/a quarter/a year. 
  • It is very easy to create and issue an invoice that you can send to your customers in different ways, including via email, Snail mail, and SMS. 
  • Also, in order to avoid late payments, you can easily apply past due penalties. 

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How Can You Benefit from Using the Online Payments feature?

So, how exactly can you benefit from using this feature? Below, you will the answers to this question: 

  • Connect one of the available world-famous payment systems, paypal, square, Stripe.
  • Receive bills from customers instantly.
  • Automatic saving of all transactions in the database.
  • Automatic payment of customer bills, if they have saved Credit Card details or paypal account in the their profile.

What Actions Can You Do Using the Online Payments Feature?

There is a range of actions that you can do using Online Payments field service software so that you could obtain the result that you need instantly, including the following:

  • You can receive payments from the clients from Paypal, Stripe, Square
  • Sort Transactions by different parameters, including date, description, payment method, and amount;
  • Use Quick Access to see the latest transactions that you opened or those that you have edited or added more information to;
  • Edit Transactions;
  • Delete Transactions;
  • Edit Transactions in the invoice;
  • Thanks to search and filters you can find any transaction in seconds;
  • Create different reports.

All in all, thanks to this advanced feature you will be able to do everything that you may need in order to create, edit, find transactions, and more. 

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How Can You Start Using This Feature?

In order to get access to this feature, you need to subscribe for the ManageMart software. You can use this product for seven days absolutely for free, which is enough to figure out how everything works and understand if this is something that you want to use in your work in the future. You can check out our help section to see the detailed instructions on how to use this feature. 

Also, our free version includes all the features and functions available in a paid product from creating new records to linking the software with certain online payments companies. It is also recommended to apply payments invoices to see how it is easy and convenient to issue them to your customers. Once a trial period is over and in case you like the software, you can choose an optimal pricing plan for your business.