Software for a Security Guard

It is great if you have a successful security business, but there are definitely things that can be improved thanks to ManageMart software for a security alarm company. It has been designed to bring you many exciting benefits and opportunities, including the following:

  • Increasing productiveness of the service;
  • Keeping everything related to your business under control from estimates to billing;
  • Working with a user-friendly interface that allows you to use our security dispatch software without any problems;
  • Taking advantage of a range of innovative features and tools, such as GPS tracking as well as automated invoicing;
  • Checking out security management software before you start paying for it because we have free-trial version;
  • Choosing the best pricing plan fitting your needs and budget.



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Effective alarm business billing software

ManageMart alarm management software allows you to make billing processes easy, convenient, and accurate. Everything that you need for ensuring it, you will have on your device thanks to our convenient management software for security guard company, including the following:

  • Invoicing;
  • Contracts;
  • Recurring billing;
  • Billing by Customer/Asset;
  • Several online payment systems, including Square, Stripe, and PayPal;
  • Notification of your customer's actions with an invoice;
  • Invoice/estimate customization;
  • Converting estimates to invoices;
  • Export to PDF;
  • Sending invoices by regular mail and other channels;
  • Past due penalties.

ManageMart physical security information management software allows creating and sending invoices easily as well as getting paid in a hassle-free way.

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Security company management software that allows you to focus on business development

ManageMart alarm company software provides you with several options to choose from, including application or software. Our solution has been designed to allow you to focus on improving your productivity and decreasing expenses rather than spending your time and efforts doing regular business tasks. You can enjoy the following:

  • Our security monitoring software allows managing different tasks from any place;
  • Use advanced apps instead of traditional less effective and time-consuming solutions;
  • Reduces the number of mistakes to a minimum because there are lots of tools for keeping businesses processes automated and accurate;
  • Scheduling is a core matter and our private security software will allow you to do it quickly and effectively;
  • Create estimates whenever you are;
  • Take advantage of transparent management of inventory/items;
  • Easy management of all parties involved in business processes, including employees, clients, suppliers, etc.;
  • Quick and accurate payments.

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Security guard dispatch software for customizing and automating business tasks

You need to have reliable security service software for ensuring that your customers are happy with your services. Our alarm service software allows managing the dispatch data easily thanks to the following:

  • Instantly data access;
  • Effective communication with your team members who are away;
  • Conducting businesses activities without the use of papers and other traditional items;
  • Full and easily accessible inventory data;
  • Receiving payments and sending invoices;
  • Mobilizing the workforce;
  • No need to worry about losing your data because it is stored on the cloud-based platform;
  • Getting the customer's details right away;
  • Our security business software allows signing documents electronically.

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Easy scheduling with advanced security patrol software

ManageMart security guard scheduling software allows you to enjoy effortless scheduling. It has all the features allowing you to ensure that your plans are fulfilled from creating events for getting notifications. The following are the functions included in our software for security incident management:

  • Recurring tasks;
  • Many types of tasks;
  • Statement function;
  • Different frequency (from daily to monthly);
  • No recurring limits;
  • Drag-and-Drop tasks;
  • Assigning tasks to employees, clients, and inventory;
  • Creating invoices from tasks;
  • Automatic billing;
  • Event reminders;
  • Colorful tasks on the calendar.

Use the best security software for small business to achieve the best productiveness. 

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Highly effective alarm monitoring software

When you run a security business, you want to ensure that you will be able to help whenever you are needed, and that is why it is important to be accessible and get notification quickly. If you want to keep the situation under control, you need to use alarm monitoring system software. You will be able to do the following:

  • Get notifications;
  • Make quick decisions;
  • Assign tasks;
  • Contact your employees and clients instantly;
  • Access the data that you need.

Our security alarm monitoring software is user-friendly so you will be able to do necessary actions quickly. 

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Security guard software for GPS tracking

Effective GPS tracking solution is provided within our small business security software. Thanks to the solution, you can see where your employees are and where they were. It is very easy to see where an object is located, and if you need to check some historical info, you can do it without any problems.

ManageMart is one of the best security guard software programs that allow you to use the tracking system effectively. It is compatible with different devices. Thanks to this solution, you will be able to do the following:

  • Manage GPS tracking history;
  • Use over 500 supported GPS trackers;
  • See customer/assets on the map;
  • Take advantage of remote GPS device control;
  • Use mobile phone tracking apps;
  • Build the best routes for employees;
  • GPS tracking reports.

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Reporting software for security officer

Reports are essential for effective analysis and making the right decision, and ManageMart security management software for enterprises, small businesses and individuals allows you to generate reports on different aspects from fuel consumption to tax & expenses. All reports can be exported or sent to email addresses in Html/XLS format. The following are a few types of detailed reports that you can have thanks to our effective security guard report writing software:

  • Employees reports;
  • Profit and Loss;
  • Tax report;
  • Expenses and Revenue;
  • Services and items sales;
  • Customer Statement;
  • Account Aging;
  • Tasks completed.

Not only can you use security guard reporting software for generating different reports, but you can also share the results in a quick and convenient way. 

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ManageMart can be accessed on anything that connects to the internet, and it works perfectly every time!

  • NO Setup fee
  • NO Download
  • Update Instantly
  • Unlimited Support

ManageMart can be accessed on anything that connects to the internet, and it works perfectly every time!

  • NO Setup fee
  • NO Download
  • Update Instantly
  • Unlimited Support