The Calendar as the Key Tool of a Field Service Software

After creating a profile within Managemart field service system, you will gain access to a broad spectrum of features which perform vital functions for effective business management. Among them, the calendar is one of the highest valued tools which will be in your daily exploitation.

The feature covers the following routine activities:

  • Searching for important events within a defined period of time;
  • Scheduling various types of activities like meetings, assignments, billing dates, etc.;
  • Sending of automatic notifications of the upcoming events which are going to happen in the nearest future.
  • Creating a checkbox with the primary and secondary tasks.

The calendar software has got several planning modes available. You can create short-term plans through daily or weekly planning,besides it is possible to plan a whole month. Browse through various modes in separate fields to process all the data simultaneous. Such flexibility grants you vast opportunities in operations management as with several clicks of the mouse the user will see all the upcoming events.



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Get Maximal Productivity with the System of Filters and Categories

It is rather comfortable to be able to categorize and structure all the activities according to their types. Such an approach to business management contributes to faster processing of the information and scheduling the event most effectively.

Here is the list of filters so you can adjust your personal field software calendar according to the following criteria:

  • The team assigned to the task;
  • Fulfilled and pending orders;
  • Deadline;
  • Types of the assignment;
  • A customer with whom you’ll be working.

That would be especially convenient for your business as you can instantly select the criteria and see the data that will be related to this category.

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Work with Various Calendar Designs

The information that is shown can be easily adjusted for a better level of perception. The sections in the field calendar software are adjusted in two design types:

  • Modern style – it shows small tiles which are comfortable to read on a mobile gadget viewing. As a result, you will be capable of keepinga hand on pulse of your business regardless of your location.
  • Classic style – this option would be more advisable for personal computers or tablets, though a compact version can be still browsed on a smartphone screen. The extended version would be more useful if the work is done in the headquarters where all the information is analyzed and monitored.

You can decide for yourself which design will be more suitable for your needs and adapt it tothe business type.

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Setting the Types of Tasks

While working with Managemart calendar software, you will be capable of classifying the assignment according to the type. Below you will find the list of the standard categories which are already preinstalled in the program.

  • General task – this is an assignment that hasn’t got any special requirements aside from the deadline when it should be fulfilled.
  • Phone call – the reminder to call the client or perform a follow-up call during the marketing campaign.
  • Meeting – schedule a meeting with all the necessary information.
  • Maintenance – regular checking and monitoring of supplies can be scheduled within this type of task.

For a faster perceiving of the calendar chart, we’ve added the system of statuses each of which is followed up with an assigned color for instant understanding.

  • Open task (purple) – the task that is yet to be fulfilled;
  • Completed task (blue) – successfully performed assignment;
  • Ongoing task (orange) – the task that is currently undergoing fulfillment;
  • Failed task (red) – the task where deadlines were not met or something went wrong.

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Performing Operations with Tasks

The work on the tasks in the schedule is an integral part of a field service solution. The adjustment is flexible enough so that you could perform various activities while the task is under operation. You can perform the following actions while dealing with the assignments:

  • Edit the task – there are cases when the tasks need some updates or changes. You can always do that by clicking on the corresponding field and update the assignment if necessary.
  • Copy/delete the task – to save time on entering data of similar assignments you can simply copy the one that had been entered before and update the information. If some task doesn’t require finishing any more – simply delete it.
  • Move the task – the flexible calendar system allows performing easy manipulation with dates, and you can easily move the task to other dates while preserving all the information and requirements.
  • Set the repetitive tasks – in case there is regular maintenance operation which needs to be performed on the same dates, you can set the assignment to repeat according to the specified parameters. As a result, you will never miss any supply checks or equipment testing.

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The Benefits of Using Built-in Managemart Calendar

It might seem easier to use any calendar app separately to plan the activities, but that would cause issues. Separate software is not synchronized with the entire system of company management and does not share the information between all the workers in the company.

While utilizing the calendar app, you’ll acquire the following benefits:

  • Full integration into the field service system;
  • Instant access from all types of devices;
  • Data sharing with all the owners of the profile of the software;
  • The flexible digital solution which combines all data in a single shell;
  • Simple and intuitive interface that will greatly enhance the speed of work.

After registration at Managemart, you’ll get instant access to the calendar feature and will be able to test by yourself how easy and comfortable it is to master the tool and implement it in your business.

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ManageMart can be accessed on anything that connects to the internet, and it works perfectly every time!

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ManageMart can be accessed on anything that connects to the internet, and it works perfectly every time!

  • NO Setup fee
  • NO Download
  • Update Instantly
  • Unlimited Support