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We asked 5 people specializing in field-service management to share their secrets of successful teamwork. After all, the Beatles wouldn’t be so popular without being a team, right? Your business can reach its objectives only through collaboration. Running a team while being a part of the team comes with its significant challenges. Read on to find the best working strategies for building a strong relationship with your teammates.

  • "Secure healthy competition among your workers to maximize productivity." Robert Paxton, CEO at LuckyLawn

I think that each of your team members should be motivated to come up with the best result. Employees on a team work together for the benefit of a team. Therefore, you are to keep a delicate balance between competing with your teammates and working together at the same time. Sounds awkward? Though it may seem paradoxical, competition inside the team enhances the performance of each team player. Eventually, your team as a whole is going to be more productive with each of its members being more efficient.

  • “Take risks together and trust your coworkers. They will appreciate it!” - Amanda Palmer, junior manager at CoolPool.
Working on a routine project sounds like a nightmare, especially for 9-5 workers. Speaking from my own experience, I know how important it is to motivate your own team. Taking risks together is a genuine way for the team members to be encouraged. Bonding experiences bring the best results, so never hesitate to share risks and responsibilities.
  • “Say “we” instead of “I” and give credit to others” - Matthew Amorati, senior executive at GlobalStore.

I don’t want to be a strict “boss” and I don’t recommend this kind of behavior to any business executive. This will only bring your company down. “We” is like a magic word, same as “thank you”. Make it a habit to always acknowledge your team members and give them credit when they truly deserve it. Team’s success belongs to each and every member. Therefore, think less about your own goals and focus on the goals of your team.
  • “Remember that constructive criticism is a must for productive and efficient outcomes.” - Juan Miranda, local cheese store owner.
Intelligent and accurate criticism is a must for successful business. I strongly advise you to express the right amount of appraisal and criticism so that your team can rationally analyze its performance. It will allow a team to work on its mistakes and consider them in the future. In my opinion, emotions should never get in the way of constructive criticism. Being passionate about your creative input is one thing, but getting angry is completely different. Always remember to stay rational and positive when it comes to discussions and brainstorming.

  • “Coordination should be flawless” - Jessica Devon, senior strategist at CrystalClear Co.
Coordinating your team is a key to productivity. Only when your team members know what they’re doing, progress will be steady, dynamical, and strategic. I personally initiated the use of management software that helped us to delegate the tasks, coordinate individual schedules, manage equipment, and many more. Teamwork is useful and productive only when there is a passionate and goal-oriented leader, who knows how to collaborate and lead the team in the right direction.