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Being a roofer and managing your business with roofing software can be quite difficult, especially when you struggle to gain a certain niche in the local services market. Do your job as a professional in order to gain customer recognition and, possibly, their further support in the form of new orders. And even if you have a couple of friends who work for you or with you, and you are not a general contractor, it’s still really difficult to do all this at the same time. You should look to the future and have an idea on how to expand your business and increase profits. All this is associated with the adoption of rational decisions and pricing, planning marketing policies, improving the quality and diversification of services, etc.

In general, it is difficult for roofers to compensate for the costs of materials and labor, and at the same time receive some income to make their company profitable. This becomes even more difficult when a roofer needs to think about survival in the winter when the amount of work decreases dramatically. Therefore, he must keep this in mind when planning company actions. In addition, a small roofing business is less likely to win the competition with other companies.

Introduction of New Services. Don't Be Afraid of Changes

From time to time it is necessary to clean the roof. Roofing may suffer due to weather conditions and physical impact. Because of this, the roof can leak and perform its functions worse. The appearance of moss or other vegetation not only annoys homeowners but also reduces the roof operating time. Snow accumulation can lead to leaks and destruction of the roofing material. Therefore, snow must be removed from the roof as soon as the layer reaches a certain thickness.

These factors can increase homeowner costs, even when compared to professional roof maintenance. This is what you need to explain to your potential customers through advertising, as well as your current customers in the process of communicating with them. A wider range of services can support you to a much greater extent even during a decrease in customer activity.

Learn New and Grow as a Roofer

We mentioned the need to introduce new services and improve their quality. This directly implies the need to learn, improve your skills as a roofer, and learn how to provide these new services. In addition, you can find information on more efficient roofing methods, new materials, and tools. Communicate with other roofers and read professional magazines to keep up to date and to know about the latest innovations in the industry. Be among the first local companies to present these new products.

Pricing Policy

Review your pricing policy to see if it matches roofing costs, whether it covers your business and gives you good income to provide some development prospects for your company. You can consult with an accountant to make all the necessary calculations and estimates. Or you can simply make your own assessment based on a few digits. The first is the approximate number of orders you receive per year. Calculate the annual cost of installing, repairing, and cleaning one square meter of roof. Don’t forget to include the cost of labor, fuel and the cost of updating instruments. Include taxes and insurance benefits. Then think about the annual income — it will ensure your life and the functioning of the enterprise. Divide them between the services you provide and see what prices are reasonable in relation to this data. Don’t work at a loss, but don’t set prices above average local rates. Think of versatility and reduced labor costs. Better equipment will reduce the number of hours your employees spend on a separate task.

Hire Qualified Roofers

Encourage your employees to be trained with you, so the company can provide a wider range of high-quality services. This will be in your favor, as clients tend to stick to companies whose services have impressed them in the past. And, since roofs require various maintenance and repair during their operating time, you can get more jobs from one client. Don’t keep workers who aren’t doing their job properly, just because you don’t want to leave them unemployed. Control of your employees productivity is highly important and to manage the workload between your contractors as well. Therefore, it is highly recommended to manage your business processes with the management software. Such softwares as ManageMart have a multi-functional calendar and scheduling features, task management tools for the employees and accounting online system for the owner, to control and run business in one account.

Constantly Communicate with Clients

Be sure to ask for written reviews of your work. Feel free to offer your services in more sophisticated ways. Submit a contract for regular roof maintenance services at a lower price than the cost of individual services. You will attract new clients at a cost and earn a guaranteed source of profit. You just need to explain the significance of roof maintenance. Reassure your clients that they will save more money on repairing and re-installing the roof if they provide proper maintenance. Offer seasonal sales and discounts on your first order. Provide a couple of special offers, such as 10% for a positive written review. Or 15% of the next order if the client invites his friend as a new client of your company.

Focus on Marketing

Think about disseminating working information about your business in many ways. Don’t limit yourself to promotional activities. People tend to look more at the screens of their phones or laptops than at advertising banners and flyers from mailboxes. And they definitely save their time by looking for a specific online service provider. For example, when searching for a service, most people appear on related sites where they are looking for work. Various providers offer their services, and people publish various actual tasks they need to solve. Promote your roofing services and receive messages about new job opportunities using such sites.

When you have the resources you need, consider creating a website for your company. Don’t forget about profiles on social networks. Keep in touch with your current clients by sending them monthly emails about your services and roof maintenance tips. Follow the announcements of commercial companies that need a certain type of service and offer them long-term cooperation. However, you need to combine online and offline promotion methods to reach different age groups of clients auditory. Don’t forget to build your marketing strategy around the features of your roofing company, regular services, as well as new offers.