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Managing business, no matter if it is a small company or big corporation is individual. Someone can make it more resultative and faster, some slower. And that is quite normal. What are the reasons, when to manage your business and all the processes become more difficult?

The reasons are these five system mistakes that "inhibit" your business:

  • Absence of financial control
  • Doing "All by myself"
  • Working with incompetent people
  • Temporary solutions
  • Technological backwardness

Mistake №1.

The financial management system is necessary for business in case you want to achieve transparency in managing your money and assets. A good solution will be to automate these processes using a field management software - and get rid of the daily hassle. In ManageMart, we have fully implemented money management features. Moreover, you can synchronize all your companies data with QuickBooks.

Mistake №2. "All by myself"

Of course, it is much easier to cope with everything by yourself, especially when to find a good specialist and to trust them it's hard nowadays.

Your inability to delegate tasks leads to excessive employment. And there is no painless solution to the problem. You must deal with the fact that other staff will do something worse than you, at first. This is an inevitable loss. Learn to trust and delegate your tasks to others. If you have a lot of employees, then find a manager. He will become your assistant in the current management processes.

There are three primary points in delegation:

  • Share your knowledge and experience with other employees. Give advice and show all the work processes.
  • Do not interfere in the process, even if your new employees can fail. Let them make a mistake and learn from that.
  • Give comprehensible feedback. Explain in detail why you are not satisfied with the result. Explain the criteria by which you evaluate the work.
  • ManageMart has a built-in Dispatch feature, with which you can appoint a trusted employee as a manager, and shift control over the tasks of other employees.
  • Learn to delegate and become the owner of the result, not its performer.

Mistake №3. Working with amateurish and promising people

Cheap employee = lack of professionalism = waste of energy to fix errors = not satisfying results. It is not easy to recognize and find a good person, who will join your team. You should assume that the employee is about to learn and will work better or to find a ready-made specialist.

Two reasons why you still work with beginners:

  • your authoritarianism - you do not tolerate initiative and new ideas;
  • economy - you just afraid to spend money.

The difference between a professional and a beginner as an employee is always visible by work, not by price. The solution is to learn how to recognize and hire the right people. Take a closer look at the behavior - diligence and the right attitude to work, lack of arrogance, ease of communication - these are the qualities that will help to recognize and make a bet on a professional. Professionals always pay for themselves. And, as a result, they will release your attention and time.

Mistake №4. Temporary solutions

Temporary solutions - it is a fight with the consequences and not the elimination of causes. This is a quick reaction instead of changing the system.

How to stop repeating mistakes? Read solutions that will fix the systemic problems:

  • if your employees regularly handle the same clarifications - write guideline or checklist;
  • if you lose bids and calls - set up the CRM system correctly;
  • if clients are confused on the way to your office - take a photo or video instruction.

There are always such solutions. But for an unclear reason, some managers choose to save an hour on a quick temporary solution, but then, again and again, spend time when the situation repeats. The conclusion is - eliminate the causes and no workaround the problem.

Mistake №5. Technological backwardness

Many entrepreneurs work as they are used to: with a notebook, pen, telephone, word of mouth and meetings mostly. But the competitors are growing quickly and inexplicably.

Why is that?

One of the reasons is a technological advantage. Platforms for attracting customers are "born" and "burned out" faster than you pronounce the word "traffic." Those who use new technologies will inevitably push ahead. This is a conscious need - to master and implement advanced technology of management, marketing, and sales.

How to build a future on that?

All these mistakes are not a stigma, and they can be overcome. It is enough to find a critical problem that needs to be solved first. Answer the question: what needs to be solved, without which the rest does not make sense? Find a system solution that will eliminate the causes of problems so that they do not recur. One such solution will be the implementation of advanced software.

The benefits of upgrading your business with Managemart:

  • Quick task scheduling
  • Convenient billing
  • Object costing
  • Cash control
  • Team management
  • Accounting and equipment maintenance
  • And more more

So through key system actions, you will overcome mistakes and business will naturally come to growth. And don't waste time - try the free version right now!