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Recently, we have been receiving more and more questions about how to start our own plumbing business — where to go first of all, whom to turn to, where what permission to get, etc. We have prepared material that will tell you — where, what, and how? To start the water business from scratch, you need to follow simple advices, listed below.

So, imagine that you have a water-well. The first thing that needs to be done is to obtain a license for water production. Currently, the procedure for licensing a well is not so simple and includes several key points — from calculating groundwater reserves to a license to use subsoil for the purpose of extracting groundwater.

The issuing authority is the Department of the Federal Agency for Subsoil Use.

It will be necessary to prepare a set of the following mandatory documents:

  • Basic information about the enterprise (bank requisites, TIN, etc.);
  • Constituent documents;
  • Certificate from the tax inspectorate about the absence of debt on resource payments;
  • A lease agreement or certificate of ownership of the area within which the organization of the sanitary protection zone of the well is planned;
  • The general development plan of the working site, indicating the location of the well;
  • Cadastral plan;
  • Water passport;
  • Conclusion on the hydrogeological conditions of the subsoil (obtainable via regional departments);
  • Sanitary and epidemiological conclusions on land allocation, on the existing water intake unit (regional branch of the SES);
  • Coordinated balance of water consumption and sanitation;
  • The results of chemical analysis of water in the well (obtainable via a regional branch of SES);
  • A situational plan with the application of infrastructure objects on it.

The list of these documents may vary depending on the region — something will have to be added, but something will be completely unnecessary, therefore, the list of documents presented by us is the basic package that you should focus on.

Based on the long-term practice of our clients, we recommend that you contact the companies that provide a range of services — from licensing to drilling and well arrangement. Such an integrated approach will save you from many risks since the process is quite time-consuming and financially expensive. Turning to several companies, you will have to be prepared for the fact that a failure in the work of only one of them will significantly increase the terms of the project. For today, there are a large number of companies on the market, which provide such services. Information about them can freely and easily be found on the Internet.

Obtaining a license for a well is perhaps the most difficult stage in the implementation of your project, therefore, having overcome it, you are already 80% close to your goal.

The next step will be water examination and treatment. Before you start the production of bottled water, you need to submit water for analysis. Water analysis from the well can be carried out at the local branch of the sanitary-epidemiological station (SES), as well as private firms and laboratories.

Water treatment

Based on the results of the examination, you can order a set of industrial filters and equipment for water treatment. Water that has already passed the treatment system must be re-submitted for analysis to the SES and a conclusion about the quality of the water must be obtained.

So, you received a license to use the subsoil, and according to the analysis of water, installed the necessary equipment for its treatment. Now you need to organize your own bottling workshop.

To reduce costs, we advise you, in addition to equipment for bottled water, to purchase equipment for blowing PET bottles. Own blowing equipment will not make you depend on suppliers of plastic containers and will reduce the cost of the finished product.

When choosing a supplier of technological equipment for bottling, special attention should be paid to the reliability and experience of a potential partner. By purchasing equipment directly from the manufacturer, you guarantee yourself the best price (since there is no need to pay for intermediary services), the fulfillment of all obligations to deliver equipment on time, timely delivery of spare parts and qualified after-sales service.

Therefore, domestic entrepreneurs have a choice — to pour water from a well or connect to a centralized water supply network. By the way, it is worth noting that modern equipment for the purification and artificial mineralization of tap water, allows achieving a really high-quality product.

Bottling Water Start-Up

In order to start bottling water from a central water supply source, you will need to conclude an agreement with the local domestic authority to connect to a central water supply network and install an instrument for metering water consumption. Then it is necessary to conduct a water analysis before the installation of the treatment plant. As mentioned earlier, you can do a water analysis either in the regional branch of the SES or in any laboratory that does water analysis and is able to issue an official opinion on its quality.

After installing the cleaning equipment, you need to re-pass the water for analysis to the same administrative authorities that you contacted earlier. The most standard set of equipment for water treatment includes a water treatment plant (filters) and tanks for collecting purified water.

Here, perhaps, are the main stages that will allow you to begin the implementation of the project «own plumbing company». Of course, you still need to come up with and create your own brand, think about sales channels, logistics, your customers. All these stages need to be thought out in detail and worked out before the start of the entire project, having written them in the business plan.