Landscaping Business - Photo 1

The need for the services of landscape designers has increased significantly in recent years, as has the number of companies engaged in landscape design and decoration of private areas. Due to the increasing share of townhouses in cities and increasing audience attention to green landscaping of megalopolises, landscape design services are in special demand by both individuals and enterprises who want to decorate the area around their office facility or another building.

Founding the landscaping enterprise requires a significant funds investment and personnel professionalism at all levels of company administration, therefore, the foundation of a company for the arrangement of forest park areas and designing landscapes of private plots is a very time-consuming process, requiring not only increased attention to every aspect of the workflow but also supporting the management with high-quality software. Modern workflow optimizing software allows you to put on stream the implementation of most routine tasks and allow you to expand the company for the shortest possible time.

So, what software instruments are needed for a successful operating in the landscape design business field and how to use the software precisely to automate and optimize the workflow in all, even the smallest, details.

Accounting and Billing

Landscaping business is built on the basis of trusting relationships with clients, as sometimes payment for completed projects can take an extremely long time due to significant amounts of transfers. Moreover, to control several projects at the same time, it is necessary to keep records of all clients with data regarding payment for the completion of the proposed job. To automate and optimize all the actual workflow processes, associated with the accounts and client settlements management, it is necessary to integrate and use the latest digital software.

The landscaping business software from ManageMart company provides unique opportunities for maintaining an accurate customer base with advanced options for customizing profiles and the ability to enter any necessary data regarding the status of the company’s account or the status of payment for current orders. In addition, the application’s functionality allows you to obtain accurate statistics of receipts to the company’s account, as well as analyze all incoming data at the maximum level of accuracy.

As a result, you will receive a multifunctional platform for maintaining an accurate client database and the current income/expenses of the company. This allows you to take a completely new look at your own company from a different angle and plan its further development in advance more precisely.

Workflow Optimization

Landscape design is a very complex field of business activity. Even to create a preliminary project requires substantial technical knowledge in the field of 3D-graphics and geodesy, as well as other qualifications. In addition, a large number of other specialists are involved in the workflow, and their work must be coordinated in the smallest aspects. For this, the integration of software that automates routine tasks and allows you to solve most problems in a few clicks is the best choice.

The software from ManageMart company provides business customers with the broadest possibilities for distributing tasks between employees at a completely new level. Thanks to the many fully customizable functions, the main work processes of your company will be configured as ergonomically and conveniently as possible. Tasks such as maintaining inventory records, information on the durability of the equipment, the distribution of relevant tasks and personnel reporting will be simplified to the maximum. In addition, the corresponding application can be installed on your smartphone and each employee will be able to stay in touch with the main database of the company, view current tasks, current working load, and keep track of completed work.

Unique opportunities for time management can significantly reduce the cost of each order. The application allows you to plan employee schedules with maximum accuracy, freeing up the time of each employee. The banal laying of working routes eats up the lion's share of time, in particular in the landscape business. Upon arrival at the place of work, the specialist must draw up a preliminary plan for the upcoming work, as well as assess the approximate costs of building materials, man hours and necessary tools. When installing the appropriate software, all these tasks can be completed in just a few clicks, or even planned in advance in the office. The saved time can be spent working on the following orders or for introducing new solutions that can contribute to the development and expansion of the company in the future.

Advertising Campaigns and Brand Promotion

Advertizing your landscaping enterprise is very important at all stages of new company formation and further growth. In particular, for enterprises involved in landscape design. The search for new customers — especially, for example, owners of large office facilities or stores — should be carried out as efficiently as possible because each lead can potentially bring a large project. The comprehensive business promotion is very important even for small enterprises, especially in megapolises. The level of competition in landscape design and decorating business is very close, so advertising campaigns should be conducted within the optimal reach of the audience.

The integration of relevant software allows you to narrow the audience for the promotion of your services. As a result, marketers will be provided with options to work more closely with landscape designers and builders, taking into account the opinions of specialists at the same level as the wishes of the target audience. A marketing campaign that takes into account the technical aspects of the work (which is very important in landscape design, since the designing future landscape project can take significantly more time and resources than the completion of the job) and the main trends of the target audience will be extremely productive.

Specialized software, in particular — business management applications from the ManageMart — allows you to customize marketing campaigns taking into account all features and aspects, current industry trends and the actual reaction of the target audience. As a result, the company receives efficient promotion management, guaranteeing a stable flow of new audience and effective company advertising, providing space for the integration of plans for further promotion and extension of the business.