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The roofing business is an extremely promising sphere of entrepreneurial activity due to a fact that a substantial part of the middle class lives in suburbs, and prices for high-quality roofing are correspondingly high with an acceptable level of competition. Having organized a business from the first signature on the documents of the official company foundation to the smallest details of customizing applications for managing current tasks, you can enter the international market shooting fast.

The roofing business is associated not only with the technical difficulties of the workflow process. Most of the necessary work tasks should be carried out directly on the roof at a quite high, sometimes, height, so technicians should have the appropriate work experience and professional qualitative equipment for industrial mountaineering. These are already quite weighty and important criteria for a more thorough selection of candidates for work. Besides, the roofing business is remarkably responsible, as not only the aesthetic attractiveness of your home but also the quality of the coating depends on the quality of the material. It must withstand a serious layer of snow in winter or heavy rainfall during bad weather.

Personnel Management

Competent personnel management and productive duties distribution is the most difficult task in organizing a roofing business especially. To carry out all the work with the maximum hint of professionalism and within strictly designated terms of the complete employees' safety. Often, they carry out the order at a height, it is necessary to pay special attention not even to the skills of the workers, but their working experience firstly.

Work on the roof has its own specifics, and if the qualification skills of handling installation tools can be mastered in just a few days, the ability to accurately just stand on a roof, while completing diverse montage works at a certain angle, even with the help of appropriate protection means, to also masterfully perform actual working duties — such skills are acquired only with years of experience.

The on-site assembly team must be fully equipped, possess all the necessary skills and constitute a single synergistic mechanism — and this is an extremely difficult task, especially for small enterprises. For constantly expanding business achievement, it is, actually, personnel management has exceptional importance, so it should be placed as the main goal of the efficient manager or HR.

Employee Safety

During installation work at height, each employee should pay special attention to personal safety, because a fall is fraught with injuries or even death. In addition, employees of roofing enterprises must be provided with reliable professional insurance, suitable for securing tools and materials necessary for the successful completion of targeted work — this is very difficult because when covering the roof or repairing slopes, high-strength sheet materials are used — and they are relatively heavy. When leaving at the order address, it is required to carefully check the availability of all the necessary rafters and insurance, since if they are absent during arrival at the place of direct work, it is not recommended to install the roof covering.

Since the accounting of tools should be as accurate as possible, the installation of specialized software that provides the broadest possibilities for automatic recording of the state and time of the next depreciation of equipment will be an excellent solution. This greatly simplifies the process of managing the inventory of company employees and allows you to plan ahead for the maintenance or repair of tools. Also, this applies to all personal protective equipment — rafters, ropes, and carabiners — they must be checked with particular care before each visit of the company employees.

Installation of Specialized Software

Specialized software installation to optimize the workflow of a roof and slope repair company can significantly accelerate the development and extension of the enterprise. Modern applications for managing working hours, calculating logistics and analyzing statistics of current development and progress of an enterprise and each employee individually greatly facilitate the work of managers and executives.

In particular, installing roof repair software provides all the necessary options that take the lion's share of the time from the company's administrative staff. Modern business management applications, designed specifically for owners of roof repair enterprises, support a number of especially important functions, including:

  • Accounting for the effective time of each employee, including statistics of orders completed during the accounting period. Detailed analytics of successfully implemented roofing projects allows you to distribute personnel between active facilities more thoughtfully. Each employee is individual, and where usually three employees are required, sometimes two highly qualified specialists can cope, so thanks to the functionality of such applications, it is possible to diversify active requests from clients regarding the front of the required work. Thanks to this model of distribution of responsibilities, managers will have the opportunity to evaluate the success of the enterprise not only in terms of revenue alone but also in relation to the growth of productivity indicators of each employee;
  • Wide opportunities for optimizing logistics and automatic working routing of field teams. Thanks to the high-precision calculation of employee performance indicators and automatic routing, during an order is received or when planning day routes at the beginning of a working day, roofing business software allows you to plan optimal routes and schedule customer visits to addresses so that you spend a minimum of time on the road to the object. Compared to those companies that still draw up work schedules manually, enterprises with installed software for managing the main aspects of the workflow save enough time every day to complete several more orders. On a monthly and quarterly basis, the time savings will be very large, which will allow the company to reach a higher level of service;
  • Accurate and well-thought-out warehouse logistics and equipment accounting. Modern applications for repair enterprises provide access to the widest arsenal of tools for maintaining accurate records of company property. Multifunctional applications allow you to create separate pages for each piece of equipment or consignment of consumables — this is a great opportunity to put the company's inventory in order and get a holistic and integrable, customizable list of tools available to staff, and not get confused in the lists of supplies every morning before moving to work object.