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Pest control is a very important aspect of housekeeping. It doesn’t matter exactly where you live — in the center of a large metropolis or on the outskirts of a small town. Pests such as termites and ants can damage the building structure, and such as rats and mice carry various diseases and are responsible for the unpleasant smell in the room — they carry the remains of food in the cavities of the walls and inside the foundation of the building.

Each city has numerous companies involved in pest control services. They are distinguished by their equipment and effectiveness. For businessmen intending to open their own enterprise focused on pest control, special equipment and professional employees are required. Also, every efficient and successful pet control enterprise also requires special software, that will help managers check current work results without a need to get to the working site and analyze the expanding and development opportunities of the company.

In the pest control field, there is a certain specificity. In particular, it is required to monitor the completion status of the current orders, and manage the maintenance of the premises after and before the work is completed. Often, during disinfestation, it is required to keep the room open for some time, in addition, many works on cleaning the room structure from pests require significant preparatory work — for example, disassembling part of the foundation or removing furniture from the building. All these aspects of the work need to be monitored, and enterprise managers must be aware of the current changes in the work process. Pest control software allows you to effectively manage all aspects of the company.

One of the most universal and convenient applications is ManageMart. Due to the flexibility of settings and the widest list of functions, including management of current tasks, planning, maintaining schedules for each employee, accounting of equipment and many other things, this application is ideal for pest control business. 


A multifunctional application for managing almost all aspects of the household care business, including a separate pack of options specifically for pest control. Among the features of the application are the broadest options for tracking the status of the execution of current orders, scheduling options for each employee, checking the status of equipment, and many others.

More information about the functionality of the application:

Full adaptability. The application can be installed both on office computers and on employees' smartphones. Thanks to the tracking functions, managers will always know the status of the actual orders of employees and their current location. This helps to effectively plan the implementation of the company's current tasks on the go;

The application integrates with GPS systems of employees' cars, so managers can track the movement of company workers and contact them, reporting important relevant news. In addition, it is not necessary for employees to report success on the route by the end of each day — the application automatically reports on the route traveled for the working day;

Equipment management. The functionality of the application allows you to monitor the status of equipment, vehicles, and tools of employees. Company managers can plan regular dates for depreciation repair of equipment, without leaving employees without the ability to perform their duties;

Ample opportunities for automatic accounting, billing and client invoicing of the enterprise in all aspects. Thanks to the flexible functions of billing and accounting analytics of the company's current income and expenses, company managers can compile accurate and understandable reports on the company's financial success. Business owners get unprecedented opportunities for planning further expansion and development of the enterprise. In addition, each client will automatically receive invoices for the work performed by e-mail, other instant messengers or by regular mail within a few business days;

Other useful functions, including cloud-based database, payment management, diverse payment methods support, full integration with popular CRM systems, and ample options for company promotion.

Pest Routes

Another application created specifically to facilitate the work of companies professionally engaged in pest control. The application is fully adapted to the needs of such companies — you can track the status of current tasks, view an interactive map with markers of details of each individual order, keep reports in automatic mode and monitor the status of equipment. In addition, thanks to an intuitive and stylish interface, managers can prepare presentations on the success of the company — colorful infographics provide comprehensive data on the current success of the enterprise.

The main feature of the application is a revolutionary algorithm for optimizing work routes, not only regarding the remoteness of the order place but also on the estimated complexity and duration of the work. Thanks to this invaluable function, each employee can save tens of hours per month.

According to statistics presented on the official website of the Pest Route, thanks to the fully automated work of the analytical section of the application, the average daily income of the company grows by an average of 5%.

Among other important features of the application:

  • According to the statistics provided, installing an application, on average, increases by 12% the effectiveness of each individual employee of the company. Each employee operates 1-2 orders more daily due to the complete automation of workflow management;
  • Optimized office management. Thanks to a multifunctional work board, every aspect of managing your company will be automated, and managers can only bring many disparate processes to one common stream of tasks. Thanks to the application’s functionality, it’s possible to automate the management of the current workload of employees throughout the day as well as the planning, billing, reporting, and management of company equipment;
  • The most accurate statistics of the success of the company’s detail presented in the form of an intuitive precise infographic. Each employee of the company will be able to view current statistics on the success of his work, and managers and the owner of the enterprise can view the overall analytics of the work process, and based on these figures, plan further steps to develop and expand their company;
  • The user-friendly software interface allows, on average, to fully integrate the application functionality within just 35 days. All available options will be mastered by your employees and they will be able to use Pest Routes to communicate with managers, report and bill customers directly at the working site;
  • Diverse additional functions, including technical service team, employee profiles creation, working routes optimization, and many others.