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Nowadays, the plumbing business is now actively developing, and especially the services of visiting plumbers are needed in megapolis's  To ensure the highest quality service, each enterprise and private plumbers need to use the most actual achievements of technological progress — it is certainly good to repair pipes, but when the number of customers exceeds ten a day, it becomes extremely difficult to keep all the information in mind.

Various applications come to the rescue plumbing business to automate routine tasks and elaborate efficient workflow management, It's a very important task in order to optimize the waste of working time, save money, and indeed, professionally-oriented software on your smartphone can significantly help in developing and further expanding the business as such.

Modern software guarantees increased efficiency in the use of working time due to the qualitative distribution of responsibilities, accurate planning of working routes of visiting teams and other features. So, what options should be present in modern software focused specifically on the plumbing business?

The main options of modern software for plumbing companies:

  • efficient and competent distribution of duties;
  • the most productive use of working time;
  • well-coordinated logistics;
  • a simplified process for sending reports and compiling them after a certain working period;
  • detailed customer database;
  • advanced tools for promotion and advertising;
  • accurate mathematical analytics of statistical data on the current success of the company activities.

Responsibilities Distribution

Due to the growing popularity of small businesses in megapolises, related software manufacturers are trying to make maximum emphasis on the management of employees, as the main users of the workflow management software are corporate customers.

The main task of managers and directors of the plumbing enterprise is to provide all visiting workers teams with the appropriate equipment, an optimal working route and the ability to mark completed orders on a general city map or on a common working board. Almost all digital software for optimizing the workflow has wide options to customize the personnel management section, since the correct and accurate distribution of employees regarding their technical background, work experience and specific skills allows you to create more convenient schedules and routes for visiting clients.

Thanks to such programs providing full access to an interactive map with an option to make notes after completing an order or at least mark the progress of completing current tasks on the general «canvas» board of the company, managers, and supervisors will always be up to date with the employees' current assignment completion. Plumbers with the ManageMart software, will be able to compile compact and informative reports on the work performed in a timely manner — this will allow us to more accurately plan the working time payment and save valuable hours on finding out the current location of the visiting team and their actual status.

Logistics Management

The optimal working routes distribution is the key to preserving the lion's share of working time since even 5 minutes saved on the way to a new address can ultimately save you an hour or two throughout the day. And these are some more orders.

Modern applications expanding the management capabilities of a plumbing company are fully adaptive and ergonomic to use. Your employees will be able to simply install the software on their smartphone and monitor how they spend working time, taking such information into account in the reports, and plan ahead a working departure route. Thanks to the most precise modern analytical tools, the software calculates the optimal route of movement of each working team throughout the day with an accuracy of seconds and meters. This ensures the smooth operation of all departments of the company and the timely fulfillment of duties by workers.

Detailed statistics also provide access to useful features such as scheduling the unloading of new equipment or the supply of necessary consumables. Software for plumbing companies allows correlating the efficient time of each employee with such a banal value as the time of arrival at the call address.

In the future development of the enterprise, such an option allows you to prepare accurate weekly, monthly or quarterly reports on the level of each employee’s performance and draw attention to such imperceptible, at first glance, nuances of the work process, such as the need to replace/repair vehicles or purchase more cars for employees. In addition, the city also lives its own life, so automated systems for calculating the parameters of the optimal logistics make it possible to coordinate the work schedule of the visiting teams with force majeure circumstances, for example, with the urgent repair of the road.

Detailed Employee Profiles

Plumbing business is a highly specialized area of ​​employment that requires appropriate skills, specialized knowledge, and serious work experience. Given the high level of competition prevailing in megacities, each qualified professional plumber is worth its weight in gold, therefore, maintaining a detailed database of employees is the basis for constructing an effective model of the hierarchy of employees by skill and proficiency level.

Thereby, achieving a balance between work speed, appropriate equipment and compilation flexible team of qualified specialists, when each of them complements each other's skills. For example, for a visiting plumber team, only one person with a driver’s license is required, and since he is a driver, he doesn’t need to be highly qualified in, actually, plumbing. Regarding this model of business synergizing, it becomes possible not only to optimally regulate the distribution of personnel according to actual tasks but also equip employees with appropriate tools that meet their competence level.

In addition, to accurately calculate the effective working time and a fair level of payment for the work of each employee, it is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of not only his skills or work experience — modern management programs allow you to maintain a detailed profile of each employee, marking each working report throughout the entire employment time. Thanks to detailed statistics, it becomes possible to combine the visiting teams correctly, for the comprehensive fulfillment of core responsibilities, as well as viewing personal successes and employee progress, for example, when considering the issue of raising salaries.