Mobile App and Software Features

If you want to move forward to your business, you should follow all the innovations and stay updated about the applications and software that can help you to manage the business. Thanks, nowadays there hundreds of various tools that can control your deadlines, manage your schedule, track your employees and accounts. Let's discuss the software and features that can improve your business flow and work efficiency.

Software to manage small business can be of two types - desktop or cloud-based. According to the last polls, the cloud-based apps and software are more popular among entrepreneurs and business owners at least because you can log in from any place and device.

Double check whether the web application for business management has the following features

Of course, the market of apps and software is supersaturated and varied in features, prices, and possibilities. Therefore, let's examine the top list of the features or functions that must be in the software for efficient work. Before subscribing or downloading business software, we recommend you to review if it has such probabilities.

Scheduling and task management - this feature is the key to the organized work processes and timely delivered services or goods. It is very convenient, when all the tasks, events, meetings are displayed on one board. For example, in ManageMart scheduling feature, you can set tasks to employees or customers by adding them directly in the calendar.

Billing and invoicing - this feature helps you to keep all your accounts in order and manage your financial part from one place. No more paperwork and bookkeepers. With the automated apps, you will just need to fill in all the required data and numbers and it will automatically count your expenses and income. In addition, some software has an integrated QuickBooks Sync.

Time tracking - it is essential to track your companies work and in particular employees work efficiency and task performance results. For each task, you can specify a particular deadline. This feature can be also very helpful if your employees or contractors receive payments per/hour.

Routing and GPS - without doubts one of the most important features for field service business or delivery companies. From the app or software, you can add any address or location, set routes according to your employees and control their location during work. Moreover, the software will automatically build the most advantageous route if you need to reach several spots per day. You can connect any device with the IMEI code.

What else to consider when choosing a business management app?

Of course, besides the listed features there many other functionalities that can significantly enlight and improve your business flow. Therefore along with the number of features on the software, pay attention to the following criteria:

  • The types of packages and number of employees that can have access to the companies account;
  • If the software has a mobile application both for iOS and Android;
  • The price - it surely should be a pay-off;
  • Usability - the software, first of all, should be intuitive, easy to manage and clear for all the members of your team;
  • Cloud-based - as said before, it has a huge advantage as you don't have to be linked to the place and device;

Managing a small business can be troublesome in case some processes are not organized well. With the business software or app, you can not only adjust all the work processes but also increase sales and improve the customer satisfaction rate.