First-Hand Testimonies - Photo 1

Running a field-service business is not easy. Being an owner goes hand in hand with implementing quality management. But let’s dig deeper and see what problems field-service technicians face in their daily work. They range from those easy to fix to mild and difficult. We’ll do this in order to show you on the real examples how Managemart deals with big and little issues faced by field-service technicians in their line of work on a daily basis.

Joe, a pool-service technician at CoolPool.Ltd

“I was troubled last time when I was asked to repair the main water tube because it seemingly contained something it wasn’t supposed to contain. I really required a certain piece of equipment to see what was going on in the tube. Speaking in broad terms, it was a camera on a stick allowing to see what’s in a pool’s water pipe. And it was missing from my tool kit. Usually, small objects like swimming accessories, glasses, wood, and other garbage can block the circulation of water.

Cameras help to detect whether there’s an obstacle in the pipe or not. I can’t stand that such a small and stupid thing can ruin your workday. I wasn’t able to properly investigate the tube. So I returned back which cost me and customers time. Because even the smallest thing like a missing piece of equipment can cost you a job, ruining an entire visit. It also typically costs your company clients. With Managemart, though, you can always know where all your equipment is.”

Harry, a HVAC-service technician at Happy Seasons

“So, I’m going to this guy on the edge of town somewhere in the middle of nowhere. I took with me my usual tool-kit that I use to solve various kinds of problems. But on my way there GPS system has misled me three times. I won’t surprise anybody saying that I didn’t get there in the end. The visit was ruined, the customer didn’t receive a service, and my company didn’t receive money, though I spent time and got really tired of driving around.

And all of it happened only because I wasn’t properly guided and didn’t have an accurate and precise route. Managemart has a built-in routing software that works better than any GPS. And it’s great that Managemart’s HVAC software routing system is updated weekly or even more often. Therefore, getting lost on your way to some wildcat client in the woods won’t happen anymore.”

Mike, a locksmith working for KeyService

“Generally, a locksmith cannot work when the clients are not at home. That is because changing locks on the doors is a serious venture that should be properly secured. Even the fact of the provided services stays private. Only the owners of the house should be given the keys. Moreover, a locksmith doing his work leaves the house or an apartment open.

Lawn-care or pool services do not always require clients to be at home. Therefore, it is important to schedule a visit in advance and arrange the time precisely. I once waited an entire hour for owners to come home only because someone confused time. Managemart’s scheduling software allows to properly manage your time and save a lot of trouble by being everywhere on time every time. Losing time costs money but saving time produces money. Keep that in mind!”

As you can see, there are small details in field-service work that can have a real difference. The main goal of Managemart is to secure and guarantee thatsmall and big tasks are organized accurately and precisely. Everything is going to be in-tact in your business once you start feeling the benefits of the innovative field-service management software – Managemart.