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Closer to summer, thoughts come to my mind, what changes does weather change bring to our lives? With each new warm day, more and more people strive to get out of the city. Cities are empty, and summer cottages are filled with life. Maybe you can make money on it? Indeed, one doesn’t have to go far to understand that love for one's own garden can be turned into earnings. There are plenty of people who are ready to give a small amount of money so that all the trees on the site are sawn and the lawn is flat and pleasing to the eye.


The efficient administration of the lawn mowing business requires providing high-quality and modern software, installed in the office and on employees' smartphones. This allows business holders to stay in touch with your company activities and receive urgent notifications of the current progress of the franchise.

One of the most versatile solutions for optimizing business is the ManageMart software. Thanks to the widest list of functions, starting from the optimization of logistics and distribution of client requests, ending with automatic billing and accurate analytics of data on the enterprise work, this application will become an indispensable assistant in the work of the lawn care company.  Moreover the quantity of features this software includes is getting over 25 and more updates and features should be launched by the end of the year. The software has also a mobile application, which allows to control your business from any device including smartphones on iOS and Android.

Lawn Care Pro

The Lawn Care Pro application is ideal for integration into the general software system of a company engaged in cleaning lawns and garden areas of citizens. It has a convenient, customizable interface and allows you to monitor the activities of the enterprise in all the smallest aspects — from timely invoicing to each client in particular, taking into account the unique aspects of the order and to set up instant notifications about the status of the completed work. The most accurate statistics allow planning the work of the enterprise for weeks and even months in advance.

Multifunctional Lawn Care Pro application is extremely convenient for billing, invoicing and client accounting, due to the individual preferences of each client. The ability to create invoice templates guarantees a positive response from each customer so that the enterprise owner can feel closer to the audience and understand what exactly his clients want. This has a very positive effect on the planning of further development of the lawn and garden cleaning service. The Lawn Care Pro framework capabilities fully cover the activities of such companies, allowing you to control the company's work in all the smallest details.

The main features of the Lawn Care Pro application include:

  • Contact database management. Thanks to the option to integrate third-party contact databases, business owners now have the opportunity to communicate with clients auditory and inform them about the current workload of employees and the time of arrival to complete the current order without leaving the online interactive map;
  • Accurate financial analytics and infographics of the enterprise's activities. The application provides the ability to divide customers into types (for example, business clients and individuals), and create separate types of accounts for each of them. The business owner or manager can see the exact analytical data regarding the activities of the company at any time;
  • Warehouse accounting and equipment statistics. Thanks to the wide capabilities of the application framework, managers will always be aware of the state of equipment and tools of employees, so you can plan repair dates and timely replace consumables.


A very convenient application for maintaining accurate distance and land area statistics. It will become indispensable in the arsenal of the owner of a lawn and garden cleaning business. Thanks to the most accurate calculation algorithms, you can plan the work of each employee in advance, literally on the go, calculating the options for the path to the working site and the cost of work relative to the cleaned area. The software allows you to simply minus buildings and those areas that don't require maintenance so that the calculation of the value of orders will be quick and objective.

Application features guarantee the accuracy of calculations even with respect to unique landscape forms, multi-level zones (for example, winter gardens and greenhouses). The application price is very low, taking into account unique features — for example, calculations of the area of ​​round sections, travel time to the specified address and an interactive map where you can leave notes.

The Weather Channel

Weather surveillance is one of the key aspects of a successful lawn and garden cleaning company. The application is connected with the world's leading weather forecasting services, so you will have at your disposal the most accurate data on future rains and thunderstorms. Cleaning garden plots in the rain is almost a pointless task, so you can plan schedules for visiting different clients, taking into account the most accurate weather forecasts.

Among the main advantages of the application:

  • Ability to track weather forecasts by days, weeks, or fortnightly periods;
  • The interactive map that allows you to track changes in the weather — your employees can indicate any changes using special markers;
  • The broadest functions of informing employees not only about general temperature changes but also about air humidity, wind speed, and direction, the temperature in the shade and in the sun;
  • Ability to send urgent messages — for example, about impending storms or about current changes in the working route.


The lawn cleaning business is a very laborious task. The lawn cleaning enterprise often employs dozens of workers performing their direct duties at individual client’s addresses. In order to get to the place of work, each team of employees spends time and money on fuel — and the Gasbuddy application will be an indispensable tool in optimizing costs in this aspect of company management.

The Gasbuddy framework maintains detailed statistics of fuel prices at the nearest gas stations, allowing you to purchase fuel only at the best prices. Personnel management features allow you to notify employees of the lowest fuel prices near them. The Gasbuddy application is quite new, so each registered participant can win fuel for $100 daily. Full integration with smartphones and PC provides you with wide options to link information from the application with the central company office software, keeping detailed statistics of fuel costs, as well as analyze statistics of daily workers reports of compile detailed weekly, monthly and quarterly reports on business expenses.