9 uncommon ways to generate leads - Photo 1

Nowadays, probably one of the primary questions that have companies and small business owners is how to get new leads. Lead generation is getting more and more difficult due to the huge amount of competitors in any industry. In addition, it is hard to get lead, because almost all Google search results pages have become overfilled with promotional lead attractions. That means that a lot of great websites, which offer even better products and services are hooded from web-users and potential customers. Therefore,  experts want to share nine uncommon and helpful ways to generate leads.

1. Let the visitors of your website download the article they like in exchange for an email

If you have a blog on your website, try to write as many interesting data as possible for your reader. By writing directories, tips, advice and information about the innovations in your industry or about your product, you will gain more interest from your potential customers and web-users. With giving them an opportunity to download the article in exchange for their email, you will get users address and possible chance to convert them into leads and future customers.

2. Stay updated what is on Twitter

Everyone is on Twitter and that is the fact. Therefore, it is a place where you can find potential customers as it gives a chance to interact with people who mention the offered by your product or service. There are a lot of services, such as TweetBeep, that can automatically find clients by setting alerts that work like Google Alerts. Moreover, you can save chats and pages of possible customers. Also, there are twitter cards, that allow you to collect leads directly from the news feed. These cards are similar to the subscription form, which can be found in most blogs.

3. Drip tool

Drip - is an inclusive service for quarrying new leads from passive traffic practicing pop-up window technology. Drip collects contacts from engaged users and sends them to the email marketing program you use. With the Drim Temper, you can get hundreds of new subscribers or customers within a couple of months.

4. Write posts in Linkedin

Linkedin is a quite new but very effective platform for lead generation; therefore we highly recommend to spend time and register your companies account there. The Hubspot poll investigation showed, that after Linkedin has been attended by 5,000 small businesses, it has significantly exceeded other social networks in lead generation. Please note, that besides the post that supposed to be read, you should have a landing page to gather contacts and an excellent offer for customers.

5. Promote your tweets

Advertising tweets can become helpful in getting leads. Promoted tweets are a sort of advertising content, they are alike to the common ones that you see in your feed. You simply pay to be visible to the public. Note, that the quality of content in tweets should be on the top-level. The tweets should be both interesting and relevant for the audience. In order to enhance the power of posting tweets, supply a link in the tweet to the landing page. The mentioned page should be on the same topic as on the tweet. This will assist you to maintain the conversation with the public and eventually increase the conversion of the lead generating campaign.

6. AdRoll tool

Those web-users, who already have seen your website, or those who have been customers before are more loyal and potential than those who have never heard about your company. There is a good tool named AdRoll, which can follow visitors to your website on the Internet. AdRoll will remind them about your service, and as a result, they will come back. According to the statistics, with this tool, you will return those who have been on your cart page. That will increase the lead generation results.

7. Optimize the “About us ” page

Depending on the website, it can be a page "About Us", "Our team", "About the company" and so on. The name actually does not matter; the content and the call to action button plays a significant role. According to the marketer, researchers showed that customers are more alike to order service or buy products on the websites, which contain full information about the company and stuff. For better readability split the page into parts, followed by the corresponding subheadings. Don't forget to add a CTA button, so that the visitors can directly from that page ask for services.

8. White Papers

One of the most effective ways that we generate leads is by publishing and supporting thoughtful and appropriate white papers that provide tips/tools that possibilities can implement immediately. For example, you can write a white paper on holiday shopping trends such as a Black Friday for field service small businesses and include a checklist for them to use to promote their business throughout the most significant purchasing time of the year.

9. Strategic partnership and cooperation with authorities

Collaboration is becoming more and more popular in a lot of different industries. This is a more productive way on how to generate leads or to create affiliates program and become partners with well-known companies. Of course, to become a partner with such company its not easy but possible. As a result, you can set both-way promotion. From the first days from the partnership begins to generate leads and continues to do so long enough. In such a way your project can really attract a lot of customers from one-two partnerships.