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Window Cleaning Management Software

Window Cleaning Services Software: Management, Invoicing, Scheduling & Dispatching

Window Cleaning Services Software

Window cleaning services involve the responsibility of management to run the business at its complete potential. Scheduling, billing, invoicing, routing - these are your day-to-day management tasks that consume a lot of time. ManageMart offers you an authentic window cleaning services software that will save you time and money, while expanding profits and securing long run growth. Our window cleaning service software saves you loads of time that you can utilize on improving your business.

Accurate Accounting and Automatic Invoicing

From now you have a possibility to integrate various payment systems into your business with the ManageMart accounting and billing software. Just read some of the options that are available for your service: 

  • Connect your bank account to ManageMart dashboard ;
  • You can receive payments from your customers online;
  • You can pay to your employees by couple of clicks from your dashboard;
  • Set recurring invoices;
  • Use fast remote financial transactions through popular services: PayPal, Stripe, Square;
  • Sync QuickBooks with your account to track all your expenses and incomes;
  • Send invoices to your customers with ManageMart SMS service or by email;
  • Have a detailed reporting on Profit & Los / tax and expenses. 

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GPS and Routes feature for Window Cleaning Business

Maps & Routes is an up-to-date feature in the ManageMart software, that will certainly improve your workflow and save up to 15 hours of your workday weekly. 

  • Plan optimal routes for visiting customers' assets with accurate program calculation.
  • Receive detailed reports about the fuel consumption, driving activity. and trip information.
  • Control your employees in real-time with GPS navigation from any device and browser.
  • Set the most convenient and quickest route to avoid traffics.

CRM for Customers and Employees Satisfaction

CRM in ManageMart software for windows cleaning business and for any other field services will definitely have a great impact on your business workflow and results. 

  • All the CRM records become automatically linked with other features and functions;
  • Import all your customers and employees data into ManageMart account within 2 minutes;
  • Set different access to your employees depending on their role in the company;
  • Track the activity of employees, their level of workload number of worked hours;
  • Have a personal detailed account for each employee and customer;
  • Create and manage crews for the required filed jobs.

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