The best satellite installation software which was developed specially for this kind of business.

With every day the satellite television becomes more and more popular. For this reason, dish installation satellite is a highly demanded service. For Internet users, satellite communication is also tempting. Quality largely depends on a variety of processes not visible externally – planning, intelligent bookkeeping, communication with suppliers, market monitoring, etc. Satellite installation software by ManageMart will help make all these processes more convenient, quick and simple. The software contains features for improvement of:

  • planning and scheduling;
  • keeping accounts;
  • equipment control;
  • maintenance of customer base;
  • simplification of the payment system, etc.

ManageMart features of satellite dish installation software that will make your business more convenient and profitable



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Accounting becomes easy and simple with ManageMart software

Accounting is often the most difficult part of the workflow, especially when it comes to a fairly large enterprise. Small unaccounted expenses, which are very often encountered during manual account management, tend to accumulate over time and this is detrimental to the company's profits. Accounting and calculation by using ManageMart software become much more convenient and transparent. 

  • Accounting of cash transactions with our software becomes much easier and faster, moreover - the transfer of funds can be automated. 
  • ManageMart allows you to bind more than 400 bank cards to your account, and any cash transactions made with their use will be displayed. 
  • You can use QuickBooks synchronization and this will make monitoring of all your business processes even more convenient and fast.

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Comfortable and fast cash flow

More and more people are starting to use online translations, appreciating their convenience, speed, and simplicity. They greatly simplify the lives of both customers and employees. The main bonus is in almost instant money transfer. 

  • The money transfer can be made through any mobile device with access to the Internet, nothing else is required. 
  • With the help of online transfers, customers can pay for a few minutes and the same applies to the purchase of goods.
  • The software allows you to work with the three most popular payment systems: Square; Stripe; PayРal.
  • You can make cash transactions faster not only with the help of advanced accounting software but also through online payments.

Don’t miss a single event with ManageMart scheduling and calendar software for dish installation service.

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Dish software GPS tracking feature

A lot of modern companies, whose activities are connected with the departure of workers to the site, are already using the GPS tracking system. 

  • It makes possible to know at any time exactly where people and equipment are, whether there are delays or downtimes, how much time the team has spent on each order. 
  • All movements, as well as the location of customers, will be seen on the map.
  • You can observe the movements and know exactly how many people and equipment are free or busy and after what time they will be able to go on the next order.
  • GPS system by ManageMart can be used from any PC, smartphone and tablet.

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CRM feature for the satellite dish installation software

Even if the workflow is already optimized, problems with staff can destroy all efforts to gain success. The software is especially useful for companies with a large number of employees, as well as for remote control of the organization.

  • The software minimizes risks of misunderstandings between the chief and subordinate making management as simple as possible. 
  • The software stores all payments, invoices, events, notes, images, maps, any personal info you want, and more!
  • Each employee will have his own personal account with all actual personal and billing data.
  • You can import needed information or customers contacts from, CSV files, Outlook and Google contacts.
  • With ManageMart software there is no need to spend time on meetings. Tasks can also be sent through the system, as well as a report on their implementation.



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Better control of satellite dish installation equipment

Installing a satellite dish on the roof of a house is a rather dangerous occupation. Perform such work should only professionals and only with special equipment. It is important to pay close attention to the timely inspection, repair, and replacement of technical equipment. 

  • With the help of ManageMart programs, you won’t forget about the planned inspection of equipment, the replacement of its worn parts, and employees won’t be in danger. 
  • All regular technical inspection, oil change, and minor repairs can be added into the calendar, and reminders don’t allow missing them.
  • A list of all equipment and spare parts also can be entered into the program and thanks to this you will always know what is needed to resupply.
  • You can add details about the equipment, its price and pictures on your account.

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Accuracy in reports with satellite dish installation software

Without a detailed reporting system, it is impossible to build a successful business. Software for the business performing satellite dish installation will create all the conditions for the most simple and fast creation of reports, both detailed and general. 

  • Reports can include tax payments, expenses, and incomes, loss of profits, fulfillment of goals and objectives, reports on regular clients visiting, etc.
  • Reports can be created for each project or for a certain period of time (month, quarter, and year). 
  • If there is such need the request for a report can be created at any time and the program will quickly compile it. 
  • Since the software synchronizes the processes in the whole enterprise, all reports will reflect the most complete picture of your business workflow.
  • Any report can be sent, exported or printed in PDF format.

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ManageMart can be accessed on anything that connects to the internet, and it works perfectly every time!

  • NO Setup fee
  • NO Download
  • Update Instantly
  • Unlimited Support

ManageMart can be accessed on anything that connects to the internet, and it works perfectly every time!

  • NO Setup fee
  • NO Download
  • Update Instantly
  • Unlimited Support