Real Estate Brokerage Management Software for Successful Business Control

Managemart introduces a great real estate management software that was specifically designed for the needs of the brokers who search, present and sell the real estates in various parts of the world. The software encompasses all the tools which are well synced between each other to result in the increased productivity of the user. The management software for real estate agents includes a database of customers, simple and informative booking form with various templates, the email drafts for multiple scenarios, integrated payment systems, photo storage software, GPS locator and many other useful tools to help a great real estate broker. A professional grade program will bring order to the business and transform multiple routine activities into full automated things where an artificial intellect will do all the work regarding mailing and planning of the requests.



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Enjoy Fast Operations With Real Estate Transaction Management Software.

The program introduces an effective transaction management tool which works by electronic signatures. As a result:

  • You can perform all legal operations faster and more effectively. 
  • That will allow you to gain even more successful operations as there will be no need to leave the premise or transfer the documents via a courier. 
  • Gain a serious advantage by means of professional software that has enough cloud space for storing of all the information ready for printing. 
  • Be sure that you will win a positive reputation through the most innovative technologies.

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Gain More Prospects With a Superior CRM Real Estate Management Module

CRM tool is an integral part of any professional software. When we are talking about real estate brokers, the CRM includes the mailing function with regular best offers on the real estates which might be of some interest for the prospect. 

  • The program also stores all payments, invoices, events, notes, images, maps, any personal info you want, and more!
  • You can import needed information or customers contacts from, CSV files, Outlook and Google contacts.
  • ManageMart provides call reminders to discuss some proposals with the client. 
  • You can have multiple assets for each customer. 

Primarily all the tools are made to achieve the clients’ maximal satisfaction and gaining the most positive reputation. You will certainly make your life easier by means of the built-in CRM as there will be no necessity for purchasing some extra software. 

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Real Estate Software Requirement Specification Allows all-device utilization

There is no need to stick to one device to manage the business. While in the car you can you use the smartphone, at home a personal computer will be more helpful, during a business trip you can gain maximum from the tablet. Just connect the device to the internet, use your credential and enter the cloud service with personal software on it. This all-device tool can be used whenever and wherever you wish. it is not limited by a single OS. You can freely utilize the app on either Windows, Apple or Android devices without any loss of productiveness level.



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The Best Accounting Software for Real Estate Agents

With the ManageMart accounting feature you can track all your business expenses, incomes and financial flows. Our software: 

  • Greatly simplifies account management, makes it more convenient, faster and minimizes the likelihood of errors. 
  • More than 400 banks can be connected to the program and each monetary transaction will be displayed, so even the smallest sum won't be missed. 
  • 100% compatibility with QuickBooks makes work even more convenient and faster. 
  • Exclude loss of profits, unaccounted expenses and other losses of funds that often arise during manual billing.
  • QuickBooks allows synchronizing revenues and expenses across many budget lines, so you can quickly and easily operate with financial flows.

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Have Your Data Stored in the Best-Protected Cloud-Based System

The real estate management accounting software is located remotely in a digital cloud. 

  • All the information is stored on trustworthy servers which are protected from hacker attacks, power down issues or any other undesirable factors. 
  • The cloud-based tool introduces a powerful database generator which stores all the information on the real estate’s location, infrastructure, status, etc. 
  • You can login to your account from any device, browser and place in the world and see all the information.
  • All the information that is uploaded from your side is regularly backed up to prevent any loss of files as we understand that documentary work is essential for real estate business. 

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Planning and Scheduling Real Estate Management Tools

Decent planning usually means half work done. The tool will transform into a loyal helper which will continuously keep track of all the events which take place in your business activities. 

  • You can manipulate with the business meeting dates, demonstration events and send notifications about any possible schedule changes straight to the potential buyers. 
  • Assign or reassign tasks to your employees and allow recurring events directly in the calendar.
  • Our software can notify you and send a reminder or warning about some upcoming event. 
  • Set different colors to specific events, meetings and orders.
  • You can see all the dates in one window so that you could easily manage the meetings and other important events.

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Real Estate Reporting Software

A particular plugin monitors the tendencies of your business. You can observe the sources of your business’s profit. Find the most active clients. Watch the area to find the desirable real estate for sale. 

  • You can set the goals and see how you’re reaching out to accomplish them. 
  • The data will assist you a lot in this aspect as the numbers and graphics are the greatest proof.
  • Get tax reports, expense reports, profit/loss, inventory sales, customer reports, and more.
  • All the reports are created in a simple and understandable format and can be explored, downloaded or printed in PDF format.

Full Feature List


ManageMart can be accessed on anything that connects to the internet, and it works perfectly every time!

  • NO Setup fee
  • NO Download
  • Update Instantly
  • Unlimited Support

ManageMart can be accessed on anything that connects to the internet, and it works perfectly every time!

  • NO Setup fee
  • NO Download
  • Update Instantly
  • Unlimited Support