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Painting Business Management Software

Enjoy the benefit with the Painting Business Software by ManageMart

Gaining Extra Productivity with Painting Contractor Software

Software painting contractors’ equipment will assist in the reduction of hours which are spent on estimating calculation and entire customization campaign that is required for full order operation. The paint estimating software will make it possible to create cost-effective predictions about material and time utilization – obviously bringing more income. A sales tool will be useful regarding maintaining the supplies at decent level and getting them from the vendors at the most attractive cost. You will be capable of effective coordination of all the process in the company as all of them will be synchronized through the cloud-based painters estimating software. Be sure that this field operations tool will power up your company a lot.

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Painting Contractor Scheduling Software

It is important to be a professional technician, but there are also many other things that contribute to customer satisfaction and your productiveness. It is crucial to plan your business activities effectively and arrive on time to your customers with all necessary tools. 

  • With ManageMart scheduling feature make clear plan for employees and be able to add changes quickly.
  • The integrated calendar allows creating and managing recurring tasks, customizing tasks and events.
  • Add important events and mark them with the color 
  • Leave reminders for the employees in the calendar.
  • Customize and assign tasks and events to your team members.
  • Enjoy the convenience with the drag-and-drop calendar editing feature.

CRM Painting Business Management Software

  • Automation of this process makes it much easier and more reliable, and also allows you to eliminate hidden financial outflows. 
  • More than four hundred credit cards of different banks can be linked to the company's account. As soon as any cash flow occurs, it will be displayed on the company's account.
  • Exclude loss of profits, unaccounted expenses and other losses of funds that often arise during manual billing.
  • You can choose the function of accounts update to regularly monitor the financial condition of the company. 
  • QuickBooks synchronization will make the program even more convenient and effective in use.

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Route and GPS Painting Estimating App

It is very important to choose the most convenient and shortest route in order to save gasoline and time. In the long run, such savings help avoid substantial costs and increase profits. Convenient GPS navigation and maps will improve your business workflow. With the help of them, you can:

  • ManageMart GPS tracking system is easy to use and mobile friendly.
  • Track where the employees, rolling stock and equipment are in real time.
  • Be able to select the desired number of vehicles and specialists.
  • Mark the exact coordinates of the clients on the map help to establish the best route.
  • You can also build the most profitable route if you need to visit several places during one day.

Painting Contractor Estimating Software

The app grants an option to conduct operations using electronic signatures. Together with various online payment options this application suggests different variants of secure contract operations. All of the available options are rather easy to handle and are extremely time-saving. 

The customer won’t have to bother themselves to visit you each time they need to either sign something or perform a payment. Such an approach to business management will create a decent impression of your company.

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Reports Painting Contractor Business Software

Our ManageMart software provides unique opportunities for analyzing business data and obtaining accurate statistics on all current processes of the company, starting with tax reporting and ending with the efficiency of each department.

  • Software can create automated accounting report for the selected period. 
  • Create tax reports, expense reports, profit/loss, inventory sales, customer reports, and more.
  • Have statistics and analytics results on your dashboard. 
  • You can print, download and export all the reports in PDF format.

Customers Management Painting Business Software

The audience of customers is not only the main business resource but also the main supplier of current information about the current state of your business. Stay in touch with your customers and you can always respond to market changes in a timely manner. 

  • Your clients can cooperate with you and you can always see their feedback on your services and listen to the wishes of users.
  • You can place generated login widget on your site and let your customers login and view and pay online your invoices.
  • Users can register in the overall system, so you can see the statistics of orders, the average bill for the service and establish an open dialogue with your customers regarding the most accurate statistical information.
  • The ability to export and import customer base in a convenient format CSV file, Google Contacts and Microsoft Outlook.

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