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A lot of holidays are difficult to imagine without flowers. A bride, woman celebrating her birthday and even a little girl from elementary school will be very pleased by a bouquet of flowers for holiday. The marriage proposal is also often accompanied by a beautiful bouquet and with flowers people go to their last journey. Due to this floristics and flower delivery is a business that will always be relevant and in demand at any time of the year. If you are engaged in floristics, the special florist software will make your company more successful and competitive. This software was designed with taking into account all features and details florist software needs.

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Florist billing software – the best solution for businessmen

Accounting and calculation are very important for every business, but they are especially relevant for floristics. Even if the company is small and has a limited turnover, the speed of it depends on proper account management. 

Billing is needed for the purchase of flowers, payment of salary and receiving funds from clients. With our software:

  • You can connect your QuickBooks account to ManageMart to keep all your accounting records up-to-date.
  • The software allows connecting of bills to the global enterprise balance with convenient separation on income and expenses.
  • You can connect your bank account or card to our software. We cooperate with more than 140 banks.
  • Thus, even small expenses are displayed on the account, and loss of funds will be stopped. Thanks to this you will have constant control over all financial affairs.

Permanent and growing customer base with florist proposal software

The huge customer base is very important for all enterprises that sell services or goods. 

Our wedding florist software and programs for other specializations are specially created to make your every client regular. 

The software creates for each customer a separate page with all the important data on him. These will be indicated all client's wishes and desires. Such personal approach makes your business more attractive, but at the same time, there will be no excessive communication that often takes a lot of time.

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Planning and scheduling important events – the foundation of any business

Planning of purchases, customer search events, meetings with suppliers, etc. – all this is quite difficult to keep in mind, especially for one person. 

  • The software will become a reliable assistant in this – in the convenient calendar you will quickly indicate the planned events and who is responsible for their implementation. 
  • Different colors can be used to highlight priority and importance of tasks. 
  • Every employee can get acquainted with plans for several days, weeks or months at any time. 
  • Adjustments to plans can be made anytime from smartphone, PC or tablet.
  • You can use a smart reminder function not to forget about important events. 

With such innovations, planning and scheduling won’t be a headache for the manager and not a single planned event will be missed.

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Create and share Reports with clients and employees.

Our ManageMart software provides unique opportunities for analyzing business data and obtaining accurate statistics on all current processes of the company, starting with tax reporting and ending with the efficiency of each department.

  • Software can create automated accounting report for the selected period. 
  • All information is presented in the form of a clear and convenient interactive infographic.
  • Create tax reports, expense reports, profit/loss, inventory sales, customer reports, and more.
  • Have statistics and analytics results on your dashboard. 
  • ManageMart software guarantees the most accurate calculations and reports.
  • You can print, download and export all the reports in PDF format.

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Customers management without waste of time and other problems

Managing staff can be simple and easy and a number of subordinates don’t play a significant role. However, this is possible only with ManageMart software:

  • You can import all the data from CSV files, Google and Microsoft outlook contacts.
  • You can create a separate account for each employee. 
  • All the data about the employees is stored in the cloud based system along with the the tasks he performs right now.
  • The manager always sees employees activity and who among them is free. 
  • The effectiveness of their work can be easily seen in your ManageMart account. 

Optimization of the route is the key to success

Almost all successful companies engaged in floristry, work in the field and often visit several clients per day. In such a situation, it is very important to choose the most convenient and shortest route in order to save fuel and time. In the long run, such savings help avoid substantial costs and increase profits. 

  • You can view real location of your customers, employees and assets.
  • Route optimization will be useful for companies that are engaged not only in floristics but also in the delivery of flowers.
  • The software is an opportunity to quickly and accurately find the best route to customers.
  • You can also build the most profitable route if you need to visit several places during one day.
  •  ManageMart GPS tracking system is easy to use, mobile friendly, has intuitive user interface and is designed to communicate with a wide variety of GPS devices (trackers), including smartphones and tablets.

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