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Fertilizer Management Software by ManageMart

Multifunctional Fertilizer Software with Scheduling, QuickBooks sync and GPS Tracking

Software for convenient management of fertilizer business

With increasing levels of consumption, the need for growing grain crops increases with each year. Productivity has been increased significantly by using high-quality fertilizers, and a lot of companies compete for the ability to supply these fertilizers to farmers. If your business is the supply of enrichments for soil, then you surely need intelligent fertilizer shop management that will help you to multiply profits. ManageMart offers software specifically designed for those who supplying manure. The app takes into account all the business processes and optimizes them as much as possible. Our developers have carefully considered every feature in order that you can extinguish your competitors and lead your business to prosperity.

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Fertilize Scheduling Software Possibilities

The calendar and scheduling feature will not let you forget about important events that may affect the work of the company. As mentioned earlier, in matters of fertilizer implementation, time and seasonality play an important role. If the right moment has been missed, it may be impossible to sell goods at a bargain price. Farmers, as well as any other customers, appreciate punctuality and unlikely will turn again to those who let them down even one time. 

  • A special calendar will remind you of planned activities and regular operations that take place in the company
  • Add such data as the purchase of raw materials or consumables, inspection of machinery, reminders about yourself to customers, etc.
  • Planning also includes the rational use of human resources. All sorts of schedules, optimization of employees work, set of intermediate goals – all this can be done with the help of calendar and scheduling.

With ManageMart smart fertilizer software you can set all the necessary data for planning n a single unit, so you can easily find the information needed, revise it, and notify all your employees about the changes you have made any time.

Convenient Management of Accounting

A lot of companies, especially small ones, keep their accounts in an old-fashioned way manually or semi-automatically. All this takes time and there can be mistakes due to human inattention or fatigue. Errors in the documents can cost a lot, so information on a paper must be carefully sorted and organized. Also, it is difficult to find the necessary papers in a short time. Software for a fertilizer store offers:

  • Fully automated workflow, accounting, and calculation. 
  • Programs for tracking income and expenses without mistakes.
  • Helps simplify the calculation but also to eliminate gaps – unrecorded expenses that often arise during manual business management. 
  • You can set up automatic account management.
  • Electronic and systematic information is very simple to use and process.

Comparison of accounts, construction of profitability graphs and creation of schedules – all this helps to find weaknesses of your company and shortcomings of its work with the ability to eliminate them in a short time. In addition, you can set up automatic account management – it greatly simplifies every operation with financial resources.

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Fertilizer Software Online Payments Feature

Cashless payments have become an integral part of many companies. This is not surprising, because the possibility of cashless settlement saving a lot of time, helps to avoid mistakes when calculating cash, and very simple in use.

  • Online payments are so convenient because they do not require the location of the seller and the buyer in one place. 
  • ManageMart online payments will make your company much more attractive to potential customers. 
  • Payments online can also save your time when you purchase raw materials, spare parts and other goods.
  • In the conditions of intense market competition, the search for goods at a bargain price and their quick purchase is the right way to increase profits.
  • The program supports the three most popular payment systems: Paypal, Stripe and Square.

To use them, you just need to create an account, after which receiving and sending online payments become possible.

CRM for Succesfull Fertilizer Business

Constant communication with customers and bearing in mind their wishes – this is that what will lead your business to prosperity and help to beat competitors. An individual approach to each client provides great opportunities, but how to organize it in practice, especially if you have a large customer base? 

  • With ManageMart you can create a separate profile for each client, with all necessary information about him and his wishes. 
  • Reminders will not let you forget about a timely call. 
  • Reduce the time for negotiations – you can clearly know what your client needs. 
  • Thanks to the individual approach and attention each of your clients will feel special.
  • You can always be aware of the financial relations with your customers.

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Fertilizer GPS Tracking & Maps for The Best Profit

For a store that supplies fertilizer, logistics is very important, because the wrong choice of route and rolling stock can lead to significant financial losses. It is very important to know how much equipment and specialists are needed to purchase and deliver enrichment in order to avoid equipment downtime or lack of human resources. Our ManageMart software has a friendly interface and it is very useful to: 

  • Create the best route that will show exactly where your people and equipment are located so that you can manage them rationally. 
  • Tracking tool will help to create the best route and monitor the movement of vehicles. 
  • The emergency service will always let you know where to look for employees, when they are on the map.
  • The GPS tracking program is so convenient because it can be installed on any device, no matter is it a stationary computer or mobile laptop and smartphone.
  • The specially developed reporting system allows you to be aware of all the events that occur outside the office.

Equipment Tracking Feature for Fertilizing Business

Technical failures and malfunctions can happen at any time, they can blow up the deal, leading to loss of customers and funds. There is no complete insurance against them, but timely technical inspection, repair, replacement of parts and oil will reduce the risks of sudden trouble to a minimum. 

  • Equipment tracking feature will not let you miss scheduled maintenance.
  • You will not forget about refueling or changing the oil, as well as tell you which parts have worn out and need to be replaced. 
  • The feature takes into account any important nuance and protects the company from unforeseen situations as much as possible.
  • Equipment tracking helps not only to monitor the status of equipment and rolling stock but also gives the ability to use it rationally. 
  • You can make changes manually in order to determine the need for equipment more precisely.

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