What is chimney sweeps service software

The service sector businesses is an excellent option if you decide to open a small, possibly family-owned, enterprise. In particular, in modern cities, chimney service software services are very much in demand, as heating, stove and ventilation systems need professional care to maintain a fresh and clean homely atmosphere. The scope of business, regardless of the size of the enterprise, should be managed efficiently, in terms of evaluating current information and analyzing data. Daily calculations, personnel management, and planning become easier and faster along with an innovative chimney sweep business software from the ManageMart company.



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GPS Tracking and Map Monitoring in Chimney Software

The latest technology allows to track the movement of service teams up to a few minutes. 

  • Your employees will be able to notify you about the status of completed tasks and further movement along the working route. 
  • Carry your business with you in your pocket — all information on the current activities of the company on the screen of your smartphone in the form of a convenient and multi-functional business map.
  • An interactive map displaying not only the current location of employees or vehicles of working teams but also the status of the tasks, the state of the equipment and information about payments made by customers.
  • A convenient notification system will let you know about the completion of important tasks or the changed circumstances of the workflow. 

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Chimney Sweeps Service Management Software

What is chimney sweeps service software CRM? With the app, your customers can make orders of services in advance by choosing the right time of the visit in the schedules of the working teams.

  • Managers can view information on customers, which will indicate the frequency of services, the average bill and a list of services rendered, as well as the characteristics of the equipment that needs service. 
  • You can optimize the logistics of the movements of your employees and establish a well-coordinated workflow. 
  • Get closer to your customers and pay attention to the actual problems of your clients — this will help make your business efficient, flexible and convenient.
  • All the information personal and billing data about the customers, their orders and preferences is saved in the cloud-based storage.

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Manage Company Equipment with Chimney Software

Optimized business is the latest information on the company's technical tools. Without the necessary tools or supplies, your employees will not be able to provide services. 

  • Be aware of the current state of the warehouse equipment and the equipment load of each work team. 
  • The ManageMart services software online platform provides the ability to create your own virtual warehouse of the company.
  • You will see the date of the last repair, the total service period, data on the need for repair and even the serial number of each tool that your employees use. 
  • Up-to-date information about the current state of the equipment provides room for making optimal decisions regarding the allocation of company resources with the highest productivity.
  • Various options for calculating the cost of repair, use, and purchase of new equipment. 

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Scheduling Chimney Sweeps Service Software Feature

Optimal time management and enterprise logistics — daily cumbersome work. Thanks to automated software tools of the ManageMart service management software, your company will operate with maximum efficiency. 

  • Planning and setting tasks are now running on the stream — just register in our system and you will immediately get access to a common work board. 
  • Assign, distribute and delegate tasks to your employees. 
  • With our business platform, your every decision will be a step towards profit and optimization of all company workflows.
  • You can create workgroups by giving instructions to the managers responsible for a specific team. Achieve the real synergy within your company.
  • Scheduling tasks. On the shared interactive whiteboard, you can specify deferred tasks, assign deadlines, and monitor the current status of each business process.
  • Set different colors to the important task, events and orders for the general access. 



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Chimney Software Automatic Account and Billing

Leave the boring calculations and preparation of the necessary documentation to our platform — the ManageMart automated billing and accounting system operate analytical data with the highest mathematical accuracy, giving the output ready results. 

  • Automated preparation of daily reports on profits, spending and other graphs of expenses and earnings of the firm.
  • There are several payment gateways that you can use to get payments for your services online, including Square, Stripe, and PayPal.
  • The portability of the application from the ManageMart company allows customers to pay on the spot, thanks to a flexible payment system associated with many popular e-commerce and banking systems.
  • Objective analytics of statistical data on the company's activities are submitted in a convenient and understandable form of graphs and tables, which are freely exported in a format that is convenient for you.
  • QuickBooks synchronization will make the program even more convenient and effective in use.

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Get Reports and Statisticst with Chimney Sweeps Service Software

An innovative approach to evaluating data allows you to get all the information about the company's success in the form of convenient and understandable graphs and tables that will be relevant even at presentations for partners and new customers. 

  • Exact numbers, visual statistics, and a convenient user-friendly interface make business management a pleasant task, which, together with your feedback and management, can take the business to a whole new level.
  • Reports show the completion of tasks, effectiveness of work with clients, income growth rates, etc. 
  • All statistical information about the company's success is presented in an understandable form, and a flexible program interface allows you to operate information quickly and conveniently. 
  • Quickly and conveniently receive accurate reports on such areas of work as taxes, income, expenses and lost profits. 
  • Export,print, download and sent reports in the most convenient PDF format for you. 

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ManageMart can be accessed on anything that connects to the internet, and it works perfectly every time!

  • NO Setup fee
  • NO Download
  • Update Instantly
  • Unlimited Support

ManageMart can be accessed on anything that connects to the internet, and it works perfectly every time!

  • NO Setup fee
  • NO Download
  • Update Instantly
  • Unlimited Support