The main reasons to use the aquarium maintenance software

A successful business of installing and maintaining aquariums includes full-fledged work in many areas: 

  • customer service and customer base management;
  • supply of equipment and materials; 
  • personnel management; 
  • work with the accounts; 
  • planning and scheduling. 

 All of the above takes a lot of time and requires great control. The aquarium software, an intelligent assistant, can help a businessman in this situation. It automates and simplifies workflow and minimizes the number of errors. However, what exactly does software do? Let's find out about it in more detail.



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Stay Up To-Date with GPS Aquarium Maintenance Software

It is always important to know where your employees are and with GPS tracking provided by ManageMart, you will always know the exact location of the work crews. What gives this information? It is necessary to obtain the following data:

  • how many workers and rolling stock are now free?
  • how far are the customers from them?
  • is it possible to effectively combine multiple orders?

 A detailed map in aquarium management software clearly shows where exactly the employees are located, so you will always be aware of all their movements and can build a more successful plan of their actions.

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Aquarium Software Accounting and Bookkeeping Feature

Accounting and reports are often the weak points of the company, especially if it has a large number of people. Our software can give you:

  • Software created for aquarium maintenance service greatly simplifies account management, makes it more convenient, faster and minimizes the likelihood of errors. 
  • More than 400 banks can be connected to the program and each monetary transaction will be displayed, so even the smallest sum won't be missed. 
  • 100% compatibility with QuickBooks makes work even more convenient and faster. 
  • QuickBooks allows synchronizing revenues and expenses across many budget lines, so you can quickly and easily operate with financial flows.

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Set Tasks In To Employees In Aquarium Management Software

Timely distribution of tasks to employees requires skill, especially if there are a lot of people. In order not to forget anything, to distribute duties correctly, to inform everyone about the task in time – sometimes it is quite difficult. With ManageMart software for aquarium maintenance, all become much easier, more convenient and pleasant.

  • Distribution of tasks with specialized software is fast and simple – it is enough to choose the right employee or the crew and open for them access to it. 
  • All employees will see the notification about the assigned tasks. 
  • Various recurring tasks that need to be addressed can be distributed in the same way. 
  • Thanks to ManageMart, no routine tasks will be forgotten or expired. 
  • You can set the frequency of tasks, as well as add or adjust them manually. 
  • The program also displays information about the time that has been spent for the task.

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Easy Planning With Scheduling Aquarium Software

Any business needs careful planning, and aquarium installation maintenance is no exception. A clear assessment of the situation, development of goals and plans arising are necessary for this business.

  • Calendar of the program effectively assists in the scheduling of events;
  • The number of plans can be unlimited, and they can be distributed for several months in advance;
  • Plans are visible to all employees of the enterprise, and you can set reminders for some of them;
  • Automatic planning isn't just a convenient calendaring and to-do list, but the ability to convey information to employees without wasting time and effort;
  • It greatly simplifies the life of those who are often on the road and manage the enterprise remotely.

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Equipment Tracking In Aquarium Maintenance Software

Aquarium field service requires the use of specialized equipment. From equipment depends on the quality of work, its speed and cost. If the workers quickly a set up or clean the aquarium, then there are big chances that their client will become regular. How to keep the equipment at the proper level? It is rather easy to do, if not to forget about the regular technical inspection, maintenance, timely replacement of parts, and repair as needed. 

  • This also applies to rolling stock – cars also need , regular technical inspection, replacement of fuels and oil filling, repairs, etc. 
  • The software won't only promptly remind you of a scheduled repair or inspection.
  • ManageMart aquarium app will not let you forget about standard routine procedures. 
  • All parts and equipment can be entered in the registry under their unique item numbers, and if necessary, you can check their state in a few clicks.

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Choosing The Best Route Is Easy And Simple

Choosing the best route may seem trivial, but for a company whose work involves frequent moving such a thing plays a very important role. To choose it by using the software isn't difficult. The best route saves time, fuel and oil, helps to get high accuracy of work and gain the best reputation.

  • To do this, it is enough to indicate the location of customers – the program will identify them on the map, and also show the best route that will save your resources.
  • If your employees visit several different clients in one day, then the choice of the optimal route is especially important. 
  • The program can offer the most advantageous road from one point to another, significantly simplifying the work of logisticians.
  • When working in large cities, you can specify the places of probable traffic jams, in order that the path was built with taking into account their detour.

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Use of newly-designed products in the financial sector

Online payments can hardly be called a novelty, as many companies use them. This isn't surprising, because this form of payment is very convenient and profitable. 

  • Its main advantage is the high speed of money transfer, which is quite necessary in the modern world. 
  • A person can make a payment at any time if he has access to Internet and mobile device at hand.
  • If your company doesn't yet use online payments, then ManageMart proposes several the most common payment systems (Stripe, PayPal and Square). 

All you need is to register. Often the ability to pay online is one of the most attractive factors for the client.

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Better personnel management – supervision without pressure

For many businessmen, the choice between strictness and liberality with employees is quite difficult. ManageMart offers a program, the use of which gives the opportunity to effectively communicate with employees without excessive strictness. 

  • For each employee, a separate account can be created, and it can indicate the full information about your worker with all his finished projects.
  • A businessman can see how many there are free people at the moment and this is quite useful when accepting new urgent orders.
  • Information on the work performed is also displayed in a personal account, and you can judge the quality of work of each individual employee. 
  • Emergency communication is also possible through the ManageMart software. 

Such remote personnel management will be especially useful if the company has a big professional installation network, and a businessman cannot be in several departments at the same time.

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Managing potential and existing customers

If we are talking about aquarium field service, then the issue of loyal customers is very acute. Those who want to install a large aquarium may not be so much, but specialists will be needed to service these aquariums, and each company is interested to become a regular service provider. This can be real only if the client has received due attention and high quality of work.

  • An individual approach to each customer can be provided by special feature, with use of which it is very simple to expand a client base. 
  • Software creates a separate page for each customer.
  • At this page, the all necessary data about the client will be recorded and his wishes and feedback about the job done will be saved there too. 
  • If this person turns to your company again, then employees will already know what to offer him. 

Such an approach saves time and creates a positive attitude from the customer. In combination with the good quality of services, this creates the foundation for long and fruitful cooperation.

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Attention to reporting is an important step towards success

Reports are necessary for the enterprise in order to determine its level of success, as well as for conclusions about what needs to be changed.

  • ManageMart is ideal for creating reports if you want to have a constant understanding of the company's work. 
  • Reports can be created about different areas of work – incomes and expenses, work performance, communication with clients, equipment maintenance, visiting schedules, etc.
  • Reports are created both on request and for certain periods. 
  • All reports are localized in one place because at any time he can evaluate the work of the company, as well as make graphs (based on the report's data) for clarity. 
  • Reports will be stored forever, so you can perform a comparison of the enterprise's achievements over the past periods.

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ManageMart can be accessed on anything that connects to the internet, and it works perfectly every time!

  • NO Setup fee
  • NO Download
  • Update Instantly
  • Unlimited Support

ManageMart can be accessed on anything that connects to the internet, and it works perfectly every time!

  • NO Setup fee
  • NO Download
  • Update Instantly
  • Unlimited Support